5 Best Bathroom Renovation Tips

Although the economy may currently seem at a standstill, the fact is that before the pandemic scare, the housing market was booming. More people were buying, selling and renovating than they had been in over a decade. There are many good reasons to believe this trend will pick up where it left off, and what’s better is now might be the best time to renovate a bathroom, since most people are stuck inside.

Not only is the timing right, but the price is also right. Food is going up, while fuel costs and other costs are going down, like those of appliances and décor items and, most importantly in this context, prices charged by contractors looking to keep their businesses afloat. Right now is the best time to act for a bathroom renovation. To help you out in this process, here are a few solid tips to implement.

5 Tips to Help in Bathroom Renovations

1: Start with a Plan

The first thing everyone needs here is a plan. When do you want it to happen? Where are you going to be? Do you want a total remodel or just a freshening up? These are all questions to answer before putting the plan into action. Figure out the layout you want, the color scheme and the type of amenities you want. With the right plan, you’re able to work better with the renovation contractor to get the job off the ground and completed quicker with fewer problems. If you are planning a full bathroom renovation, you can look for the best porta potty rental prices and services that will suit your needs.

2: Locate the Ideal Company

There might be quite a few contractor services willing to complete a bathroom renovation, but you should only consider going with the best out there. Look for a business that allows you to book a consultation. This means the professionals are coming over to work with you. They can help you complete that plan so everyone knows what their job is and how to proceed. Renovations are a process much more than just a job, so you want someone qualified to help you get through that process. To find the best prices you could try a site like MyPriceGuide.

3: Bathe Within Your Means

Many people who want bathroom renovations assume that if they splurge and throw in thousands of dollars more than they need, this will pay off in either equity or resale value. While there is a bit of truth to that, it’s also quite risky. Going above your means and stretching a budget means a higher listing price if you’re selling after. What if the market takes a dive and you’re left unable to recoup that investment? Especially if it’s just a bathroom that you’re going to be living with, it doesn’t need to be lavish and luxurious. Plan out your renovations within a set budget and do not overextend yourself.

4: Leave it to the Pros

Yes, people are indeed home for extended periods now, and that’s great for painting and cleaning. Though when it comes to completely remodeling a bathroom, you’re dealing with sewer lines and a lot of plumbing and floors and walls that need to be entirely watertight to prevent mold and other sorts of damage. The fact is that quality renovation companies are professionals at this stuff. This isn’t a DIY area. You can work it out to where you’ll be the one painting afterward if you need to, but let the pros do the heavy lifting.

5: Design to Look Refined

If ever you have watched one of those televised home improvement shows, you’ll notice a common theme. Homeowner gives the designer thousands of dollars, the designer spends most of it in the bathroom then asks for more money. This is because they’re buying the highest of the high-end toilets, bathroom vanities and tub-shower combos. Do you need A++ here? Save some money on going with super high-end stuff by just purchasing quality that looks good aesthetically, and plan a design around that. With the right color scheme and new stuff, it will look every bit as good as the proverbial million-dollar bathroom, without breaking your budget. If you still need tub-shower combos, experts from WalkInTubReport.com have provided you with a high-quality overview with the best options at affordable prices. Be sure to read it before buying.

These are just a few of the many tips that will help to guide you through the best bathroom renovation you can pull off. Just remember these tips, especially when it comes to finding a quality contractor to make those renovations.