The land down under is one of the most popular travel destinations among travellers and it’s not hard to see why.

An Australia tour can take you on a magical journey that will make you think you’ve walked into a different world with each one.

We’ve listed 5 tours that will satisfy your travel bug if you like a big variety of experiences.

Coasts and Reefs

There is no shortage of new and exciting water-based activities to participate in when you visit Australia, whether your trip involves secluded and isolated waterfalls or the more populated beaches in local towns. One of the most famous and stunning coral reefs on the planet, which is home to various marine life.

  • Found to the south of Darwin, Katherine has much to offer with the Nitmiluk National Park and aquatic activities like helicopter rides, bush hiking, fishing, kayaking and so much more. The Cutta Caves Nature Park, Leylin Falls and Katherine Hot Springs are all must-sees.
  • Regardless of whether its Whitsundays, Ningaloo Marine Park or even Cape Range National Park, there’s many spots you can visit to enjoy water activities. There’s a wide range of areas for divers to explore marine life where you can swim with turtles and colourful fish.
  • Head to Port Lincoln to dive and swim with Great Whites. This is is the one place where you can actually do this. Seven hours from Adelaide. However, it costs 500 AUD, but there’s just the option to stay in the boat. This trip starts in the morning and then you are taken out for your 45 minute dive with the sharks. As part of the tour, you get breakfast, various snacks, lunch and drinks, as well as all the necessary equipment.
  • A cruise that takes in all 74 of the Whitsundays Islands that is recommended highly. You have the option to ride in a speedboat, catamaran or a sailing boat, depending on how long you want to spend out there. You have the options of spending a night on a single resort on a single island, a few nights on the boat or day trips. If you’re interested in taking a cruise, you’ll have the chance to experience some of the snorkeling hot spots and beaches the country has to offer. There’s also activities available around the Whitsundays area, so you can explore them solo or with a tour guide.

Festivals and Music

  • Rainbow Serpent Festival is a music and arts festival that was established as mainly for locals, but grew to become one of the most famous trance events in the country.
  • You can also visit Burning Man or Road to Ultra, featuring DJs and performers from all over the word.
  • The Byron Bay Blues Fest has been held in the area since it began in 1990 and showcases the best of the genre including Chris Isaak and Bob Dylan.

Stunning Landscapes and Natural Wonders

The sheer diversity of the countryside and natural wonders that Australia has to offer is simply sublime. Some of the most impressive locations you need to check out includes:

  • The Blue Mountains, where you can take a scenic tour. They are located just two hours outside Sydney and accessible by train. A trip to this destination is an amazing day out that provides you with numerous paths and circuits that offer you the chance to walk to navigate through the mountains on either the Walkway, Cableway or Skyway. Make sure that you take either the trip down or up using the railway, often referred to as the steepest railway track for passengers on the planet.
  • Take the Puffing Billy train to Gembrook from Belgrave, through the Dandenong Ranges. The train has been active since 1900 and lasts around five hours with many station stops along the way, offering you the chance to stop or continue as you see fit.
  • Early birds will enjoy the Uluru camel rides. These tours start about an hour before the sun starts to rise and take roughly two hours to complete. Your breakfast is included in the price of a tour. Along the way, the tour guides will discuss the history of Uluru and the actual camels too. The most famous Uluru camel was in Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. If you prefer a lie-in, opt for the tour that takes place at sunset that features drinks and snacks in the cost.
  • Fancy something a bit different and not scared of heights? Why not take a hot air balloon ride? These traverse the Australian Outback and are best experienced at sunrise. They generally start in Alice Springs and last for two hours, taking you over the desert and the stunning McDonnell Ranges. You even have the option of breakfast and unlimited champagne.
  • One way to see the Great Barrier Reef that will ensure you never forget the experience is taking to the skies in a plane. It starts in Airlie Beach and takes you over the Whitsundays. You’ll be amazed at how clear and visible the coral formations are from the sky. Many of the tours consist also of a flight over the Heart Reef, as the name suggests this is famous for its heart-like shape. You can get one-hour flights for as little as 220 AUD, which is extremely affordable considering the unique views and experience you’ll get.

Australian Wildlife and Nature

There are a limitless number of chances to encounter animals in the wilds of Australia, regardless of whether you take a bush walk, dive in the oceans or cruise along the coast.

  • Quokkas are a small and cute marsupial that are similar in size to cats. You can meet these at Rottnest Island, which is about one and half hours away from Perth by ferry. Get ready to say aw and take lots of photos.
  • If you head to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland, you can cuddle with koalas. Check out the hospital that looks after injured koalas.
  • Bottlenose dolphins have a popular feeding ground at Moreton Island, close to Brisbane. Here, you will find that dolphins are happy to be hand-fed.
  • Interested in seeing Tasmanian Devils in the wild? Check out the deliver tracker tours offered in the North-west of the province. You can take guided tours to see if you are able to spots these intriguing critters that eat roadkill.
  • Visit Ningaloo Reef along the west coast of Australia to experience whale sharks. Diving and snorkeling trips are available between April and July.

Your travel dreams or interests could involve surfing on the Gold Coast or riding horses or simply sitting back and enjoying wine and food available at the various festivals around the country. Whatever you decide to do, you will always find something exciting and memorable when you choose a tailor made Australian holiday.