5 Best Washing Machines To Buy in 2020

Washing machines are some of the most expensive home appliances, but they’re worth every penny for the kind of work they do. These tools can significantly enhance the quality of your life by making it easier to complete one of the most labour-intensive chores at home – laundry cleaning.

Before making purchases as big as washing machines, it’s always crucial to conduct thorough research to ensure you get the best value for your money. Luckily, here at Appliance Reviewer, we’ve done all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.

In this post, we show you the top 5 best washing machines to buy in 2020. Some of the critical factors we took into consideration when compiling this list include prices, energy efficiency, brand reputation, and load capacity.

Interested in discovering the five machines that made the cut? Keep reading!

Bosch WAT28371GB Series 6

If you’re looking for a washing machine that does its work without causing a lot of noise in your house, then we highly recommend the WAT28371GB Series 6 model by Bosch. The machine’s EcoSilence Drive feature enables it to maintain noise levels at only 49dB during washing and 75dB during spinning. Besides, it comes with an AntiVibration design that enhances its stability on the ground, thereby minimising noise.

 The WAT28371GB model also helps you save water through its ActiveWater water management system. Bosch estimates that the machine uses about 11,220 litres of water based on 220 standard washing cycles. This amount is probably more than you need per year if you’re an average user with a small or mid-sized family.

Finally, this appliance comes with a superb energy efficiency rating of A+++. Again, assuming you use it 220 times per year, you’ll likely consume only about 152kWh during that time, which is 30 percent less than what most standard washing machines use.

Samsung WW90J5456MW with EcoBubble

The most outstanding feature of the WW90J5456MW model by Samsung is its innovative EcoBubble technology. Just as the name suggests, this function is meant to create dirt-removing bubbles by mixing water, air, and detergent. The unique ecobubbles easily penetrate deep into any type of fabric to loosen even the toughest of dirt stains. Ultimately, the machine delivers powerful cleaning without damaging your fabric or consuming too much energy.

Like the WAT28371GB model by Bosch, this device also operates silently, thanks to its quiet Digital Inverter Motor. Expect no more than 50dB noise levels when using it for regular laundry work. Less noise means reduced vibrations and ultimately, minimal wear and tear for longer-lasting performance.

Other notable features you’ll enjoy with the Samsung EcoBubble washing machine include an automatic error-monitoring system that eases troubleshooting, child lock, and A+++ energy efficiency rating to help you significantly lower your energy bills.

Whirlpool 3LWTW4705FW Washing Machine

Looking for a durable and robust top loader washing machine that’s ideal for commercial uses or large families? This American style machine by Whirlpool is well worth considering. For starters, the 3LWTW4705FW model can hold up to 15kg of clothes, which is nearly double the capacity of most standard washing machines on the market.

And that is not all.

Whirlpool 3LWTW4705FW comes loaded with multiple advanced features meant to ease your laundry work and reduce the time spent doing it. Our most favourite function is the auto-water sensors that automatically determines how much water is needed for cleaning based on the weight loaded. As a result, very little water goes to waste when using this model.

Concerning safety, this washing has a lid that locks automatically once washing starts. This is useful in reducing accidents, especially if you have little children at home.

Due to its sheer size and the many features that it comes with, the Whirlpool 3LWTW4705FW washing machine is easily the costliest of all models we’ve reviewed here.

Zanussi Lindo 300 ZWF01483W

The Zanussi Lindo 300 ZWF01483W is proof enough that good washing machines don’t always have to be super expensive. Sure, there will be some compromises when you pay several hundred pounds less than you’d do for some of the appliances described here, but overall, we’re happy with the performance of this budget washing machine.

To begin with, this tool comes with a respectable 10kg capacity, which is sufficient for a small to mid-sized household. If you couple this with its 1400rpm spin speed, then you are looking at a washing machine that gets the work done quickly and affordably. As if that’s not enough, its Aquafall Technology helps you save a lot of water and detergent while making it easy to remove stubborn stains and dirt. Its brushless inverter motor operates smoothly and silently, meaning life goes on as usual during laundry sessions.

Other useful features that we like about the Zanussi Lindo 300 model include a child lock for enhanced safety of your kids, and a Fuzzy Logic technology that automatically adjusts water temperature and spin speed to protect your clothes from damage.

AEG L8FEE945R 8000 Series

One function that stands out for the AEG 8000 Series is its OKOMix technology, which is precisely what you need if you’re concerned about the delicate fabrics of your clothes. With this tech, detergents and conditioners are dissolved carefully in water and activated completely to ensure that the resulting mixture is gentle on your clothes. Additionally, this machine allows you to set the ideal steam level depending on the amount and nature of stains that you want to clean. Its ProSense technology automatically determines how much treatment is needed to clean your load for a specified washing cycle.

Besides being gentle on your clothes, the AEG 8000 Series is also efficient, helping you save significantly on water and power bills. To begin with, the appliance has an excellent A+++ energy efficiency rating. What’s more, its OKOPower function means you can complete most standard washes at full capacity in an hour or less. Finally, AEG 8000 has an inverter motor that helps to keep noise levels low while also saving energy.

Other noteworthy functions of this budget washing machine include a bright LED display for easier control and monitoring, a delay start option to set when you want the machine to start, and a child safety lock.

Which of these appliances best suits your laundry washing needs? We’d love to hear in the comments below!