When it comes to work, play, and everything between, it is all about being productive these days. It is particularly true when you look at the time you spend online, especially if it is part of your career. Something as simple as a browser extension can save you a lot of time. And there are plenty of extensions to give you that edge you need.

Regardless of what you are doing with your time online, there are going to be ways to make it more efficient. Take a little bit of time to learn about the different types of extensions and what they can do. You will find your online experience much more productive.

1.   Ad Blockers

Advertising is one of the biggest money-makers anywhere in the world. And it’s especially evident in the online realm. You cannot visit a website now without seeing at least some tastefully-placed banner ads. And you will see many more as you browse throughout the site.

A lot of sites are full of advertisements so much that they can be difficult to navigate. Download one of the numerous ad-block extensions to your browser as soon as possible. You can then browse in peace and not spend your time trying to find hidden ‘x’ buttons to close ads.

2.   Spelling and Grammar Checks

For anyone who does a lot of writing during their daily activities, grammar checker is a must-have. There are many browser extensions available that will track your writing and highlight mistakes as you go. The better ones, for example, Grammarly, not only highlight your mistakes, but they also offer suggestions to fix them as well.

There is a lot of writing involved nowadays. Thus, these types of extensions can be invaluable to your productivity. They give you the ability to write without having to stop and check for errors every two seconds. You can go through your writing, and then address the mistakes at the end, not to disrupt your flow.

3.   Password Managers

A password manager is going to be handy for anyone who spends any amount of time online. There are so many different account usernames and passwords to remember now that it can get confusing. Add in the fact that passwords need to be unique and more secure than ever, and a password manager is going to look like the perfect addition.

Password managers create random passwords and store them in their encrypted form. They can also auto-fill your credentials on every site you visit. If that doesn’t save you precious time during your day, then what does? For more information click here: https://nordpass.com/download/edge/

The best password managers usually come as browser extensions, such as this Microsoft Edge password manager. That allows them to auto-fill the credentials for you. No more copying and pasting or fumbling through a notepad to find your passwords.

4.   Noise Cancellation and Distraction

A lot of people have a hard time focusing when there is stuff going on around them, especially when it comes to writing and working. Music is not always the option here, as some music can create even more distractions. Developers considered it and have come up with some great solutions.

You can now download extensions that will play nothing but background noises in your speakers or headphones. These tracks do not distract the listener and keep them focused on the task at hand. For anyone who gets distracted quickly, it is going to be essential for productivity.

5.   Calendars and To-Do Lists

Even those with the best memories are going to need some help every once in a while. And one of the keys to having productivity is proper scheduling. Let’s be honest, the traditional ways of pen and paper are pretty much archaic now. Instead of having a desktop calendar in front of you, browser extensions can do the job much easier.

These calendars and lists will be able to remind you of your tasks for the day and alert you when something particular is coming up. You can schedule your entire workday and change it as things get done or pushed back, but the key is organization will keep you on track.

Use the Tools Available for Productivity

Being productive is essential to living a healthy and balanced life. It applies to both personal and professional lives. The more productive you are throughout the day, the better you feel about yourself, and the more you get accomplished. Taking advantage of the different browser extensions to boost your productivity. You will be amazed at how efficient you can tackle your everyday tasks.