The main role of a shoulder specialist in Singapore is to offer professional care to patients who have issues with their shoulders. This specialist not only comfort, diagnose, and treat patients but also educate them on the methods they can apply to prevent injuries in their lives. Some of the ways on how you can prevent injuries in your current athletic life are:

1) Prioritize your cooldowns and warm-ups

You must engage in some cool-downs and warm-ups especially before and after exercising. The length of your cool down and warm-up will depend on the level of your fitness. In case you are new to playing a particular sport then it will be good if you warm-up for a few minutes. Stretching is important if you wish to prevent injuries while you are exercising. The best time to stretch is either after a warm-up or work-out and you are supposed to hold every stretch between 10 to 30 seconds. In case you are an upper athlete then you should focus on your shoulders and arms. However, you should not ignore your other body muscles.

2) Stay hydrated

If you do not eat properly or drink enough water before working out you may feel very tired as if you do not have any strength. Through fatigue, you will know that your body needs sleep, water, or food. Also, If you do not eat enough food you are likely to develop some injuries in the parts of the body which you use most.

You should not wait until you feel thirsty so that you can drink water. You can drink a small amount of water throughout the day so that you can hydrate your body properly. All athletes must consume proper calories which are a combination of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Since everyone’s body is different, you should try to talk with your nutritionist, coach, or doctor on the best diet for your body.

3) Cross-train

In case you are wondering how working out more can minimize shoulder injuries then you should think about cross-training as a way of engaging in various workouts. Through cross-training, you are likely to experience fewer overuse injuries since you will not be using the same muscles which you usually use in your sport. For instance, swimmers mostly use their upper bodies but they can consider a lower body exercise such as running

4) Posture

All people should consider their posture when they are standing or sitting. If you frequently use your shoulder muscles but you keep maintain a poor posture then you will have a high likelihood of getting injuries. In case you wish to improve your posture then you can talk with a shoulder specialist or your coach to assist you. If you work out your scapular muscles you can get a good base for your posture.

5) Take recovery days

Many extremely dedicated athletes do not wish to stop working out as they believe that by doing so they can ruin their pool deck, field, or court goals. However, you should know that even professional athletes do take some off days to allow their tendons and muscles to rest. If you overwork out your body you may expose it to injuries. When you are taking off days you are supposed to focus on less strenuous exercises and not to sit down without doing anything.

When are you supposed to visit a shoulder specialist?

You should not joke with any kind of pain you may have. In case you experience some injuries while you are practicing or playing then you should step away and stretch for some time. However, if the injuries persist for a longer period then you should seek the services of a professional shoulder orthopaedic.