This old game is commonly seen as a difficult sport and majorly for the rich, but what if I told you that, it isn’t necessarily so. You see, sports like every other task we engage in, takes time, practice, consistency, and some hidden secrets to become good at them.


The first and easiest shot that most people just starting out as a golf player to learn is the “putt”. The more space there is between the ball and the cup, the harder it becomes to make that shot. The trap most beginners tend to fall into, is that of impatience. Beginners, most often times don’t want to go through that training phase of repeated practice. It advisable to always start small, learn to make short or half swings, then as you continue to improve, you will know when to switch to full swings.

As a beginner, you want to train your body and condition the mind to make the right motions, so as to be able to make an accurate and powerful swing. Additionally, do not forget  to wear the best golf shorts for men. Most beginners are always tempted to start with full swings, and by so doing makes it harder on themselves to learn the right muscle coordination that is required for making full swings. Remember slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Speed will come naturally once your accuracy has been optimized.

Smack The Ball

Another important factor to bear in mind when golfing is the relationship between your club and the ball. You want to learn to stroke/smack your ball not hit it. Some coaches will even use the phrase “romance the ball not hit it”. I know it sounds ridiculously cheesy, but stay with me. You ultimately want to smack the ball with a swinging motion. This technique is especially good for short- distance shots. If you can master this technique for your short-distance shots, you will most definitely notice an increased accuracy and distance in your long shots as well. Be sure to have the right shaft and go shop Mitsubishi golf shafts at TourShopFresno.

Reading your game

It is vital to be able to read your game as a golfer, and the reason for that is pretty obvious!! If you can’t read your game, how will you know to improve your game? Now after every shot, you take, make sure you are in a balanced finish, as this will enable you to check your alignment in case your shot went off-line. Whenever you stand in a perfectly balanced finish, ask yourself these questions…how was my brush?….. did I smack the ball with the center of my club?…….How was the path?……was the clubface in the correct position? You can then either choose to concentrate on what’s missing or play it and fix it after the round. On average you might be able to perfect 6 to 8 perfect shots so don’t be so hard on yourself.

Optimizing your swing

There is another secret most coaches won’t tell you, believe me when I tell you this, this secret is super duper effective at optimizing and perfecting your swings. So what is this secret I have been going on about?……it is to allow the ball to be in the way of your swing.

In other words, you let the ball get hit because it was sitting there in the way of your swing, not because you were swinging at it. This singular secret is why so, so many beginners and self-acclaimed professionals tend to have better practice swings than actual swings with a ball present. Without a ball, it is easier to swing through, yet this is the very motion that is needed when perfecting your swing. The good news is, there is a way to beat this. I believe you have heard this popular saying “Mind over Matter” You have to condition your mind in such a way, that won’t allow your physical/optical eye to trick you, and the best way to do this, is by looking over the ball at the green. That is not to say, that you shouldn’t look at the ball….hell no….but there is a big difference in looking at the ball and concentrating on the ball. If you can master this skill, I promise you that your drive will be lengthened and your handicap will be cut by at least 6-12 strokes in just three weeks.


Not to discredit manufacturers of clubs with their grips, but through my own personal experience, I have come to find that the supposedly standard grip sizes by manufacturers are not always suitable for everyone. Here is why, take for example, if the grip is too rigid and firm you will most likely hold it loosely and on the other hand if it is too small and slippery, you are most likely going to hold on too tightly. Either way, that is tantamount to catastrophe. The golf shop online is a good source for getting very good golf grips.

So I’m going to leave you with this final tip I got from George Knudson’s famous book (the natural golf swing). In case you don’t know who that is. He was a famous Canadian golf player.

Poor alignment is the single most destructive area for players of all levels”. …..(George Knudson). You will have to read up on that, because it’s a huge topic on its own.