5 Mindful Ways to Live Stress-Free & Increase Your Productivity


How do you keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed with all the things that you’ve written down, and you want to get done? Anytime you feel overwhelmed, that means that you are expanding and that is an awesome place to be because I would way rather be in a mode of expansion and feel uncomfortable than a place of stagnant complacency. For a long time, I didn’t have a healthy alternative. I just turned to things that were destructive. I want to share with you five ways that I’ve learned to deal with overwhelm and healthy way.,

  1. Meditate

The first thing I do to battle overwhelm is to meditate. In the morning I take at least 20 minutes, and I sit in silence. I either listen to my breath or listen to a guided meditation. Some people love mantra chanting and using a set of gemstone japa mala beads. Sometimes I prefer to just hold the mala beads in my hands while I meditate to feel the healing energy of the gemstone beads wash over me and make me calm.

  1. Pray

The second thing that I do every single day constantly throughout the date to deal with overwhelm is to pray, and this is the most important thing, and what gets me through overwhelm is connecting to God and connecting to my highest self through prayer.

When I first learned about prayer, I was young. I didn’t know much about it. I just went to church, and they told you to start talking to God. That is a great place to start. Everyone finds prayer in a different way, and there’s no wrong way to find prayer, but there definitely is an art and a craft to asking and connecting with your highest source two books.

  1. Work out

Another way that I have really learned to deal with overwhelm in a healthy way is getting off my butt and working out. One of the best ways that I like to work out is to dance. There is no better feeling than moving and just being in your body. It helps me disconnect from the things that overwhelm me and remember that I’m not just my body and my soul and there’s so much more to me than the things that I need to do. Dancing is therapeutic, and I am so passionate about moving.

  1. Disconnect

When you’re overwhelmed, and another healthy way to deal with overwhelm is to turn off your phone. I can say this from experience because honestly, my phone is one of the biggest sources of stress and overwhelm that I have in my life. Try turning your phone off for a dedicated amount of time or at least not waking up and looking at it first thing or having it as the last thing that you see when you go to sleep can do miracles for your life and overwhelm.

  1. Find support

So lastly, one of the most important things that you can do to really deal with overwhelm and a healthy way is to get a life coach, get someone on your side who can help keep you accountable for what it is that you want to achieve in your life.

Last year and this year, I was really overwhelmed all the time because I was constantly growing and expanding and hiring a coach helped me be able to invest in myself so that I could get the support and accountability that I needed in order to get stuff done. You could alternatively create a close group of friends with the intention of meeting regularly to support each other and hold each other accountable for living a stress-free lifestyle.

These are the most powerful things that have personally helped me in my life to deal with overwhelm. By practicing all five of these on a regular basis, I have seen my stress levels decrease and my productivity increase. Don’t stress yourself out trying to do all five at once…do as many as you can and slowly build them into your daily routine.

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