Smartphones are incredibly useful devices, and choosing the right accessories can take that usability to the next level. In this article, we are focusing on five accessories that each phone owner should have!

1.      Earphones

The majority of manufacturers include earphones with their devices because they aware this is a basic accessory for any phone. They allow you to listen to your favorite music or podcasts on the go. They are convenient to carry in your pocket and easy to use and remove as needed.

If you are looking for even better music quality, you can also consider using headphones. These may be a bit tricky to carry on the go, but the sound quality will make it worth the hassle. You can feel free to mix and match – use headphones when you are at home, and switch to earphones when you head outside!

2.      Tempered Glass

It’s time to talk about phone protection, and tempered glass is the new cool way to do it! You probably used screen guards in your past, and there were times when that was fine. However, people migrated to tempered glass, and they did that for a good reason.

The math is simple – tempered glass is tougher, which equals better protection. That is what you need if you want to avoid screen scratches and other damages. We will admit that the new generation of smartphones already comes with extremely durable glass, but considering you paid a handsome sum of money, an added layer of protection couldn’t hurt.

3.      Phone Grip

If you ask us, the phone grip is much more than a simple accessory. Smartphone damages frequently happen when the device slips from the user’s hands and hits the floor hard. It can lead to screen breaking and other serious problems with your phone.

That is why it is essential to equip your device with anti-slip grips like CatTongue. This unique grip is adhesive, and it uses a unique blend of materials to provide the best slip resistance. You can pick from more than 30 designs to find the one that first your phone and style. The grip provides maximum comfort, and the crucial thing is that you don’t have to worry about your phone slipping from your hands ever again!

4.      Power Bank

For thousands of users out there, the power bank is the most useful phone accessory. First, it is perfect for long-distance travels. You might not find a place or time to charge your device, and that is where a power bank comes into play. It can significantly extend the battery life of your phone, which is great for all those avid smartphone users.

The great think about power banks is that they can be compatible with other devices, too. That means you can use a single accessory to charge your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, which skyrockets the product’s versatility!

5.      Gaming Controllers

The last accessory on our list is ideal for gaming fans! If you have a powerful smartphone, and you want to play all the latest games, perhaps it is time to buy a controller!

Touchscreens are incredibly convenient, and they may be suitable for simple games. However, it may be tricky to play action games like PUBG, racing, or sports games. If you want to optimize the gaming experience, you will need a controller.

The manufacturers have become aware of players’ desires, which is why they started manufacturing controllers specifically for mobile devices. It is not only about maximizing comfort, but also about improving your chances to beat your rivals in multiplayer gaming sessions. That is what makes this accessory one of those you must get if you like playing smartphone games!