5 Must-Have Items for Every Hiker

There is something magical in getting out of town and escaping to the beautiful landscapes the countryside has to offer. Getting back to nature and inhaling the fresh air is one of the most invigorating experiences a person can have. It’s not surprising then that many people love to explore the great outdoors and take regular hiking trips whenever they can. If you love to hike or are thinking about giving it a go, remember to pack these 5 items with you when you go. READ MORE: A Beginner’s Guide To Hiking.

1.    Handheld GPS

Always take a map and a compass with you for back-up, but for a more accurate reading of where you are along a trail, a handheld GPS could be a lifesaver. It’s simpler than you think to get lost, even if you are following a track! Plus, if you would like to follow your adventurous spirit and walk down a road less traveled, it’s only smart to make sure you have the tools to find your way back. Make sure you buy one of the best handheld GPS systems before you go on your next hike.

2.    First Aid Kit

You shouldn’t start a hike without one of these in your backpack. In case there are any trips or falls, scrapes, or cuts that happen along the way, a first aid kit is an essential item. While it might not be able to fix more serious injuries, it can certainly help to bandage up a battered leg or help to ease the pain of a sprained ankle. Hopefully, no one will get injured, but these things do happen!

3.    Spare Clothes

Don’t pack your entire wardrobe, but carrying a few light t-shirts, trousers, and even a fleece with you on your hike is a good idea. In case you get caught in the rain, a top gets ripped or other unforeseen circumstances, having something dry to change into will make you feel a lot more comfortable as you continue with your hike.

4.    Multi-tool Kit

A small, multi-tool kit in your backpack could be very useful, particularly if your hiking trip involves camping. They can help you to open food packaging, cut threads or ropes, or any other repairs work that may need doing during your trip. There are plenty of compact kits you can buy that will fit into your pocket or backpack with ease. According to Camping Legend, a multi-tool kit is a key piece of camping equipment. Multi-tools are usually small and compact, they fold or break down into multiple pieces to make them easier to carry. They have a variety of uses including opening food packets, making kindling or tinder, or using their specialized plier head such as screwdrivers, saws and knives.

5.    Flashlight

You might only think to pack a flash-light if you’re camping, but they can also come in handy on day trips, too. It’s easy for time to slip away from you when you’re on a hike, and so if you’re having to make part of your journey in twilight or just after dark, having a flash-light at hand would be ideal. A small one on a keychain could even do the job if you don’t want to overload your backpack. HikingDiary has a list of the best EDC backpacks. Check them out.

Of course, you must also remember to pack enough food and water for your hike, and there are plenty of other items that would be useful to have at hand. Always make a checklist before you go and remember to include these 5 items on it.