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Now for the main question.

Is your website converting visitors into customers ? Are you harnessing the full potential of the internet to convert visitors into potential customers ? Below are 5 key areas that every business website must have.


  • About Us

The most important section in a website is the about us section. You should at least have a minimum of 1 paragraph description. Talk about your history, how did you started the company, why did you started the business, how many years of experience do you have, what are you area of expertise. If you are a restaurant owner, talk about the special ingredients used in your food, talk about the secret recipe passed down from generations and so on. Used this section to introduce your capabilities, unique qualities, and your vision. You can even talk about the current problems in your industry, and why you started the company to solve those problems.


  • Products

If you have the perfect about us write up, but missing out on the products, how would your website visitors know what are you selling ?If you already have the products on hand, then make the effort to take some good photos of your products. Make sure there is good lighting, a good background and the photo is sharp and clear. In fact, take a few angles that shows the product capabilities.

This is your opportunity to show of the design, elements and beauty of your products. If you have a great looking friend, get him on board to be your model for the day posing with your products. Add in descriptions and specifications of your products. If you have multiple models of the same item, write about the specialty in each of the models as compared to others.


  • Services

For those in the services industry, example lawyers, consultants, motivational coach, then you must have a services section in your website. If you are a teacher or motivational coach, then upload videos of yourself and embed them to your website. This allows people to see and taste of the services you are offering. If photos speaks a thousand words, then videos are a million words. In fact in this era and beyond, videos are the preferred choice of marketing.

Describe your services in details. How you have help clients solve their issues. How your services have brought joy to the hearts of many. If your services are motorcycle repairs, show photos of before and after the repairs. This helps to gain customers trust. If you are in the service of dog grooming, then showcase the beautiful photos of the dog. You can even ask customers for testimonials.


  • Social media links

We are living in a social media world. Everyone is glued to their phones. Have you already started a facebook or instagram page. If not, Do it now!

Remember to constantly update your social media accounts. Show them the latest tips. Share the latest news in your industry. Take photos of the latest customers. Update your promotions and events. And embed social media links into your website. This enables customers to easily find you on the social media. The website tends to have generalized information. But social media should be updated all times. Keep your content fresh.

You can even record a video of yourself explaining your product and services on social media. This gives customers a better understanding of what you are offering. It also makes you a guru in your niche. Remember to always place your phone number or contact details in the social media channels.


  • Contact Us

So many websites I came across have not updated the contact us section in ages. Please keep your contact us section updated. It is one of the most important aspects of a website. You should have an address, contact person, contact number and email. If you are a restaurant owner, you can add in operating hours as well.

Be sure to answer the phone once a call arrives. If you have promised a customer that you will get back to him or her, make sure you get back to him or her as soon as possible. Don’t let potential customers keep waiting or they might just go hunting for the next alternative. Always check your social media accounts for messages, comments and respond promptly.


If you have implemented these 5 steps, your phone should start ringing in no time.