We all know that the global economy is still finding ways to recover from the aftermath of COVID-19. It has affected everyone in almost all aspects of our lives. Social distancing, lockdowns, ban on public gatherings has given birth to a different dimension in the business world. The thing we all need to consider is that this might become our new normal because the effects might stay longer than expected.

Finding themselves in an overwhelming situation, businesses are looking for ways to cut down costs and increase revenue wherever possible.

That’s where Faze47 Digital comes in.

This company helps you to figure out your business ventures in the most efficient way possible by offering services in the field of Organic SEO as well as Local SEO and Web Development. What they do is since they have a variety of businesses SEO support options, they offer services for On page SEO and Off-page SEO. By taking into account factors such as content, code, data, website performance, link and infographics, they will prepare a guide for you to direct and lead your business to gain maximum profit and minimum time.

In the business sector, many entrepreneurs, business organizations and marketers see cutting SEO resources to boost paid channels such as Facebook as the smartest way to extend their market budget.

However, according to expert economists, it is high time we start inventing ways to maximize SEO benefits in order to prevent an economic crisis.

Let’s discuss what advantages organic SEO has over paid search PPC.

1.   Cost Benefits of SEO

The most conspicuous benefit organic SEO has over PPC is cost. You are not really paying for every single click that comes to your website. After your initial start up cost which involves content, optimization, promotion, etc, every visitor which comes to your website and  every conversation is completely free for your business. One more thing which we often overlook is that even the initial cost of an SEO campaign exceeds more than what you are  spending on Google Ads today, your long term spending will still be lower with SEO than with PPC.

Apart from that, SEO drives significantly more revenue which is pure profit.

2.   Consistency by Organic SEO

We know choosing PPC over SEO is always tempting since it offers immediate impact but what we miss out or more correctly “choose” to ignore is that PPC simply binds its users to spend money for fast results, nothing more. Here, we miss the biggest benefit of maintaining consistent traffic with SEO. Once you’re well aware of the technique that sends your website at the top of the search results for an important keyword, you can rely on that particular keyword to drive that same account of traffic that performs in the same way.

SEO presents you with a safe side that guarantees a generally stable source of traffic and revenue. In fact, as per industry requirements, sticking with an SEO during a pandemic crisis can result in more traffic as your audience starts searching more products and services while setting at home.

On the other hand, while PPC promises fast and immediate outcome, it can vary widely in cost.

3.   Continual Benefits

Organic search results engine provides a continuous source of traffic for your website. This means that the flow of visitors to your website is not going to shut off or get interrupted after a specific amount of time or even when you stop paying.

So as long as search demand for that keyword stays high and the business designs its SEO execution smartly, the company needs to worry much about the continuous traffic of the page.

When you link this advantage with the benefit of consistency, the advantages of sticking with the SEO than PPC becomes more apparent.

4.   Credibility Benefit

Appearing at the top of Google search results is an important factor for online business ventures. People often see Google’s search result ranking as recommendations by Google itself in terms of plagiarism-free content and quality content. So it is important to build your company’s credibility to survive the brutal economic conditions and this survival mainly relies on SEO.

There are different reasons for credibility. For example;

  • Unnecessary ads:

Nobody really cares about ads. People often skip them or when they do not have an option to do so, wait patiently for the ads to pass so they can resume their work. This means that paying more to appear at the top of Google’s search results won’t give you more visitors, ad-free websites will.

  • Zero-click searches:

Google offers more space in search results to SERP features, more and more users are seeing the information they want to without clicking through a page from Google. These results are known as zero-click searches. Since more people can now see in the search results what they want, having your name at the top will increase their trust in your company.

5.   Competitive Advantages

Just like in all fields, you are bound to have rivals and competitors so there’s one thing you might need to keep in mind; every time you make an effort to improve your site’s search, you are becoming stronger in the competition.

You can’t necessarily do this with PPC. Google sees a lot of advertisers bidding on a keyword, or people are bidding a lot of money per click, they can choose to show another ad in the results. So instead of taking over digital real estate from bidders, you can end up sharing it with them.

SEO is a zero-sum game. Google will only show a limited number of organic results for a keyword and that number goes down all the time. So the more you do better to improve your site’s search, the better chances are there for you to be at the top of the game.

So now you know what benefits are there if you stick to Organic SEO rather than PPC. If you still aren’t clear about website traffic generation, Faze 47 will be more than glad to help you and it is always a good idea to take professional help for better results. Head to their website today and contact them to make your business bigger and better!