For over forty years, Gray and Sons Jewelers has been expanding their collection of Patek Philippe merchandise. Through the years, we have come to recognize why Patek Philippe watches is the highest renowned swiss watch brand all over the globe. With watches specifically made to meet the needs of pilots, travelers, and collectors, Patek’s complications are unmatched. At Gray and Sons, watch lovers can find the best Patek Philippe models like the Grande Complication 5159R, Annual Calendar 5037/1G, World Time 5230R, Calatrava 6000G, Gondolo 5024, and plenty more.

Patek Philippe Grande Complication 5159R

Patek Philippe is a highly regarded and most sought after watch brand known, and it’s not difficult to see why. One glance at the Patek Philippe Grande Complication 5159R is enough to identify how impeccable they are. This watch is equipped with an intricate mechanism that shows wearers the day, date, month, leap year indicator, moon phase, and perpetual calendar is the reason why Patek Philippe is known for excellence. The crisp exterior gives a feeling of elegance while the interior is exposed from the hinged back case.


Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5037/1G

It’s no surprise that Patek Philippe creates excellence. When it comes to the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5037/1G, they have thought of it all! The watch face displays an impeccable annual calendar that tells wearers the day, date, month, moon phase, and the power reserve. The settings on this watch can be accessed through push buttons on the side on the case which must be pressed with a pin tool. Once this watch has been winded to its full power, it holds a power reserve for up to 45 hours. All the beautiful movements can be seen on the back of this watch through the sapphire back cover.

Patek Philippe World Time 5230R

The Patek Philippe World Time 5230R is the perfect watch for those who love to travel. With this watch, wearers never lose track of time while traveling since the timezone can be easily changed at the click of a button. The watch’s movement can be completely seen through the sapphire crystal implemented on the back of the watch. With a graceful look and complex movement, the Patek Philippe World Time 5230R is the epitome of timepieces.


Patek Philippe Calatrava 6000G

The Patek Philippe Calatrava 6000G gives customers an elegant yet sporty look when wearing this watch. The unique round-the-clock date feature with the accent red crescent marker gives this watch a bold and direct look. The eccentric seconds dial found at the 4 o’clock gives the watch a nice look. On the back of the watch, the movement is revealed and shows the caliber 240 mechanism; this is a unique Patek Philippe feature and is one of the reasons they’re considered.


Patek Philippe Gondolo 5024

If you could compare the Patek Philippe Gondolo 5024 to anything, it would probably be a time capsule full of gold. The Patek Philippe Goldolo is a perfect example of quality over quantity. Although the watch may not be compacted with a hundred different features, it has the essentials. The classic design of this watch with the sub-second dial at 6 o’clock gives it a sense of elegance. This watch is sure to wow anyone who comes across it.