The most commonly used electronic gadget in the smoking industry is electronic cigarettes, more commonly known as a vape pen. Electronic cigarettes came out in the early 2000s, with many bugs and failed executions. The latest vape pens now have more capability than the earlier models that can fulfill the proper needs of a vaper. 

What makes vape pens amazing is the fact that they might be small, but their excellence is unmatched. Unlike some other electronic cigarettes, vape pens are regularly refillable and have bigger batteries. 


Here are a few pros and cons of vaping that you might not know:


  • The legality of e-cigarettes: Unlike many other products that contain nicotine or other tobacco-based components, vapes and vape juices are in complete accordance with the law. Vapes are legal and they’re here to stay. 


  • Comfortable use in any environment: Smoking cigarettes anywhere isn’t the best option anymore, it can have a bad effect on the people surrounding you because of its unbearable scent. Cigarette smoke can cause headaches or nausea to nonsmokers and even smokers, but this isn’t the case with a vape. A vape you can turn on anywhere without having to worry about its smell, vape juice is warmed in the cartridge and provides a smooth scent to not only you but to the people near you as well.


  • Accessibility: Vape pens and vape juices are easily feasible, their prevalence has increased production highly and since it’s legal, you can get it anywhere ranging from an electronic cigarette shop to an online market.


  • Control over nicotine intake: When it comes to cigarettes, you have no choice but to accept the amount of nicotine you’re taking in per cigarette. This is highly harmful and can cause severe damage to your lungs or heart, but with vape pens, you have complete control over the amount of nicotine you’re taking and there are some vape juices that are nicotine-free as well. If you wanna get the best e juice UK, choose the flavor you want and how much nicotine you want in it. Take control.



That’s all for the pros of vaping, but we all know that nothing good comes without consequences so let’s talk about them:


  • Vitamin E Acetate: You might be wondering how a vitamin can possibly have bad effects on someone, well you’re wrong. Vitamin E Acetate is an oil that is used in many products like skin creams, this vitamin is used in vape pens to act as a warming source for the cartridge, Vitamin E Acetate warms the vape juice so the smoke comes off smooth. Vitamin E Acetate can cause damage to the lungs and other potential lung diseases. 
  • Palpitation and agitation: Vaping too much does have its consequences, inhaling so much smoke all of a sudden can cause palpitation, headache, or nausea. If you ever encounter such an experience, you should know that nicotine is barely the problem to blame, there are other components in a vape pen that can cause damage to the user.