5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Tattoo


Back in the day, tattoos were considered a social faux pas. Those who had a tattoo were seen as delinquents, trouble makers, and convicts. These days, however, almost everyone in the developed world has at least one inky treasure on their body. The reason: tattoos are awesome.

In fact, getting tattooed has increased in popularity so quickly that there are now TV shows exploring the lifestyle that’s sprung up around the artform. People choose to permanently alter their bodies with ink for a variety of purposes. Here are the top 5 reasons, according to Inkme.tattoo, why you should consider getting a tattoo yourself:

  1. Tattoos Express Your Personality

Ever had trouble expressing who you are, what you stand for, and what you love without coming across boisterous, cocky, or pathetic? Tattoos solve that problem by offering people the opportunity to show off their unique personalities through a trendy artform that speaks volumes before they ever get the chance to utter a single word. Arabic Tattoos are becoming trendy nowadays and provide a good way to express your personality. Find out more about these Arabic Tattoos And Meanings.

  1. Tattoos Look Better as You Age

Contrary to popular belief, high quality tattoos look amazing as you get older. Not only do they add a little edge to your golden years, but they also tell the story of your life. When memories fade and loved ones pass away, what matters most is that you have a piece of them in your heart . . . or on your arm, whatever the case may be.

  1. Tattoos Are Commissioned Art

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a piece of art you hang on the wall and only get to enjoy when you’re in the room, why not get a tattoo and take the art along with you? Getting a tattoo by a talented artist is a great way to share beauty with the world, not to mention it serves as a one-of-a-kind piece of art that was commissioned just for you.

  1. Tattoos Are Safe

While this may not include tattoos applied outside a licensed shop, getting inked is completely safe. Artists are required to use latex gloves, alcohol, iodine, and distilled water among other things to keep customers from getting infections, skin irritations, rashes, or worse. You literally have nothing to fear but the minor pain of the needle.

  1. Tattoos Don’t Change Who You Are

Many people think that getting a tattoo will make them appear to be someone they’re not. Untrue. In fact, being tattooed doesn’t change your personality, likes and dislikes, religious affiliation, or reputation (unless, of course, you’re dealing with an overly judgmental person). What does change, however, is the way people view you: more sophisticated, more laid back, and with great taste.

So, Should You Get a Tattoo?

The simple answer to that question is yes. Tattoos don’t have to mean something deep or poetic to be beautiful or eye-catching. Still, it’s important to consider what you want before booking an appointment. Tattoos cannot be removed without special procedures that cost a lot of money, so think carefully before getting one anywhere on your body.


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