There are so many great cities in the world to explore, whether for work or for personal reasons. I’ve decided to focus on Toronto and tell you why moving there for at least 6 months would be an opportunity you simply cannot miss!

  1. Do Your Part for The Environment

Toronto is a massive city, filled with people who are big on doing their part to save the world. Well, maybe I’m being a tad dramatic but they have some truly great green initiatives going on, so much so that the city employs almost 40 000 people in environmental innovation sectors like energy efficiency and electric vehicles. If nothing else, you can learn a little something about how to be a decent human being from these folks. This is especially intriguing for those of us who are interested in converting our homes to a renewable energy source this year, like solar power.

  1. It’s Massive

Like, for real. You have absolutely no idea just how big it is until you start doing research on it. I don’t know why (maybe because Canadians seem so mild-mannered and gentle) but I thought it was a close-knit type of vibe, not a get-lost-before-brunch kind of vibe. It is, after all, Canada’s biggest city. With a little over 6 million residents, Toronto is the best place to go if you need a change and to meet new people.

  1. It’s So Multicultural

You can meet people from all over the world in Toronto. It truly is the most diverse city on our planet. Yes, we may be living in a pandemic currently but with mass-scale global vaccine programs on the go, we will hopefully be able to reclaim some semblance of normalcy this year. Toronto prides itself on its rich cultural experience and don’t worry if you aren’t fluent in French – that will not be an issue. You can find a place to stay on DelSuites and enjoy the diversity of this wonderful place in the centre of where it all happens.

  1. It’s Safe

This isn’t the 1950s anymore; you will struggle to find a big city that is completely crime-free. That being said, Toronto is one of the safest cities of its size and that is saying a lot. According to new reports, Toronto is actually the safest city in North America and one of the safest cities in the whole world – there is no better reason to relocate.

  1. It’s A Global Business Hub

Toronto is Canada’s number 1 start-up hub, and for good reason. This city is filled with budding entrepreneurs and seasoned businessmen alike. If you have a great idea, especially a new one, give Toronto a chance to let it show you what it can do to help. You will be able to pitch your ideas to some of the best investors the country has ever known. Toronto has also emerged as a technological hub, with some of the biggest tech names setting up bases there – expect to see the likes of Oracle, Cisco, Shopify and Ubisoft as you travel around the city. These companies have been voted some of the best places to work, not just in this city but in the world.