Many people have a romantic perception of international travel. Those who have done a bit of traveling in foreign countries tend to have interesting stories or seemingly life changing experiences that have made them better people. Those who have never had the opportunity to travel tend to look at it as something they wished they had done when they were younger.

Whether you have traveled a lot in the past or are toying with the idea of traveling for the first time, it is a fantastic personal investment to take the plunge and just go. While the stories of dramatically life-changing experiences are generally exaggerated, you’re still in , broadening your horizons is healthy and rewarding.

Let’s look at five specific reasons why you need to invest in yourself and go travelling.

Higher Tolerance For Uncertainty

Travel is filled with uncertainty. While it is still important to be prepared and to book travel insurance in Australia before you leave, travel allows you to expose yourself to unfamiliarity. When you are away, you will not have access to the supports that you relied on at home. You will have to come up with new ways of interacting with the world and dealing with this uncertainty. Once you return from your travels, you will find that the uncertainties that bothered you in the past are not such a big deal anymore.

Better Social Skills

Especially if you visit a country where you do not know the native language, traveling is great for building your social skills. When you have to ask locals for help or guidance, then you will become much more comfortable speaking with people. Making mistakes when you are trying to use simple words will also expose you to the reality that it is not a big deal to be embarrassed.

Making friends and meeting interesting people throughout your travels will also boost your confidence and build your social network. If you have spent any time traveling in the past, you will already know that the people you meet from around the world can become good friends.

Appreciation For Other Cultures

The famous quote: “Life is a book and those who do not travel only read one page” is definitely overused and cliché. However, it does have some truth to it. If you only ever experience the culture that you grew up with in your own country, then you are limiting your horizons. There is a general benefit that comes with deeply connecting and immersing yourself into another culture.

While you will not get these benefits from staying one night in a hotel the more chances you get to see other ways of life, the better.

Have Fun And Relax

Simply put, travel is usually fun. While long-term travelers know that it is not always super exciting every single day, but, in general, being away from home and traveling around is a pleasurable experience. 

Learn And Be More Creative

Seeing other cultures, other architectural styles, and other cuisines will provide you with an unparalleled real-life education. Beyond learning from books and documentaries, there is value in experiencing and learning about places by actually being there. Being exposed to other ways of life will also provide you with the opportunity to creatively reflect on your own culture and develop new ideas.

Investing In Yourself Is The Best Investment

Travel is rewarding and personally fulfilling in all of the ways outlined here. If you are thinking about traveling in the near future, then book your tickets, grab some travel insurance, and get out there and see just a little bit of this incredible world that we are so lucky to call home.