Have you lost a job in this pandemic situation?

Are you afraid of how you are going to feed your family?

Don’t worry.

If you are good at writing, creative graphics, animations, voice-over, SEO, etc. then you can make an earning out of it.

Do you want to know how?


With your existing skills, you can work online, at your flexible hours, and at a reasonable price.

So let’s find out more in this article about freelancing and five reasons why freelancers choose the Fiverr platform.

What is Freelancing?

A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services to clients through different platforms at a specific price. At times freelancers don’t use third-party platforms and deal directly with the clients to avoid giving their share. But to start with, it is useful if you sell your work at third-party platforms and get a good grip. Once you are good at it, you can work independently.

Some services given by freelancers are accounting, voice over, logo designing, blog writing, academic writing, marketing, graphic designing, teaching, social media management, etc. Some of the popular third-party platforms are Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, and People per hour, etc.

Freelancer income varies depending on their experience, work quality, skills offered, and the market you are targeting. If the job is more technical, then you get paid higher, for example, web coding.

The best part about freelancing is that you work on flexible hours and mostly work from home. You also have the freedom to pick and choose your clients. Yes, managing multiple projects at a time is challenging but fruitful too. Even if you are working somewhere from 9 to 5, you can still do freelancing when you are free. So this makes an excellent side earning.

Some facts and figures related to freelancing:

  • 31% of freelancers earn more than $75000 annually.
  • 63% freelancers work from home
  • 38% freelancers are now earning more than they did as an employee in the same field

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the world’s largest online platform that offers freelance services to its client. It was launched in February 2010. There are more than 300 digital services offered on Fiverr.

You can start selling your services by making a gig, which is a detail of service that you will offer to clients. The gig is just like a mini sales pitch. It helps you show off your talent, and you provide details that entice the buyer to choose you. The creation of gigs has started a trend called “the gig economy.”

So should you start freelancing at Fiverr? Find out below the five reasons why Fiverr is preferred.


5 Reasons Why Fiverr Platform is Preferred

1.   Easy and Free to Setup an Account

Setting up an account at Fiverr is very easy, as it takes hardly an hour. It is faster than setting up a website to show your portfolio. You can offer any service as long as it follows Fiverr’s terms of service. You can get ideas for your services from the already listed categories on Fiverr.

The account is free, and you don’t get charged to list your services even. And you will pay Fiverr when you start earning. Fiverr cuts a share from your profits when you sell your work.

2.   The marketplace is enormous.

There are thousands of clients on Fiverr who are looking for different services at the best price. New businesses, as well as old, are looking for various services on Fiverr. They know that there are many talented people here, and they can do the job at an excellent rate.

It is better to take inspiration from the top performers in your work category. Learn what they are doing unique to become top performers and implement them in your offering with your personal touch.

You will get more clients if you have some good reviews or feedback on your profile. You can ask your family or friend to give some reviews. Also, including a video in your profile will attract more customers.

3.   The pricing method is simple.

Pricing your services is easy. You can get an idea about what price you should set for each of your services by looking at the gigs of a similar category. It will help you compare the quality of work and what the other sellers are charging for a particular service. You can either charge the same or less to attract more customers. Sometimes you even get some work done for free or minimal charges to attract more customers.

The pricing is discussed and get fixed before the work is assigned so that no further discussion on pricing after work completion.

4.   You are not limited to $5 only.

In earlier days, the price of services was fixed at $5 but not anymore. Now you can charge $5 to $945 for each of your services. You can offer three different varieties of your services at three graduating prices. It will also help customers to select the service according to their affordability and quality requirements.

5.   Payment is quick

Fiverr collects the money from the customers on your behalf and cuts its share. And then, the money is transferred to your account. So, once the gig is completed, the client accepts your work, and then Fiverr takes care of the payment. You don’t need to make hundreds of requests and pleads to the client for your money, no such hassle. Fiverr does this job for you and makes the payment more manageable.


So, if you want to be your boss, make extra earning, work in your free time, then freelancing is best for you. You can polish your existing skills and can we even learn new skills through Fiverr like platforms. Don’t wait more and create a Fiverr account today for free and start making gigs to get new tasks.