According to Google, about 97% of consumers use the internet to search for businesses. For that reason, it is crucial you have a strong online presence.

A website is one way of having an online presence. But, your site is not helping much if it does not rank highly on search engines. Why? Most consumers do not go to the second page of search engine results. In fact, most click on the first three results on the first page. That is why you need best SEO Services in Delhi to help improve your site’s search engine rankings.

The following are a few SEO tips you need to master for a successful online presence.


Target Audience

Studying your target audience is an essential aspect of SEO. You do not want to attract all web traffic. You want to attract users that are actually interested in your products or services.

It is not enough to know your target. You want to know specifics such as what phrases they are typing in the search engine and where they are located, Such valuable data about your market helps in your marketing efforts and also helps come up with an SEO strategy that will work. For instance, knowing what they are searching, enables you to know what keywords to use in your content. Google analytics is one of the best tools to conduct market research.


Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors is an essential step in the initial stages of an SEO campaign. The analysis gives you critical data on what strategies and tactics are working for your competitors. Therefore, you will know their strengths and weaknesses, thereby establishing ways to outshine your competition. Consequently, you will gain a better understanding of what to prioritize in your SEO campaign.

Of course, the first step is to identify your competitors, about four of them. Then, perform analysis such as:

  • Keyword analysis: what keywords are your competitors ranking better than you.
  • Backlink analysis: what sites are linking back to your competitor’s websites.

After analyzing your competition, create an SEO strategy based on the insights.


Website Structure

Site structure refers to the organization of your site. How is your content linked, grouped and presented to your audience?

A good site structure enhances SEO. How?

  • Site structure improves the user experience. With a good site structure, users can quickly locate what they need since things are where they expect them to be. That creates a good user experience, which is good for SEO.
  • Site structure provides site links. On some search engine results, you notice some internal links of a site indented under the main result. Those are called site links. They are essential for SEO as they improve the navigability of your site and point users to exactly what they need without even opening your website. You do not get site links through some advanced web coding, or putting in a request on Google. You get them through good site structure.
  • Site structure improves crawling. Crawling is the process through which search engines index the content of your website to display search results. With a good site structure, crawlers, such as Googlebot, access and index your site’s content easily.


On page factors

On Page SEO refers to techniques employed to improve SEO through optimizing content and HTML source code. The result is a clear understanding of the page and what it is about. On-page SEO factors include meta descriptions, keywords, titles, images and much more.


The techniques include:

  • Including the keyword in the first 100 words
  • Creating meta descriptions
  • Including the keyword in the title
  • Wrapping headlines with HI tag and subheadings with H2 tags
  • Using SEO friendly URL
  • Putting relevant images and videos in the content
  • Using outbound links and internal links
  • Distributing LSI keywords
  • Boosting site speed
  • Responsive web design


Link building

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. The process improves referral traffic and also enhances the authority of a site. Authority of a site enhances SEO.

Search engines look at the number of links pointing to a specific page from external websites. The more, the better. However, do not exploit this as they also look at the quality of these external websites.

Also, by linking to authority websites, you establish the credibility of your content. That way users trust your content and, therefore, spend more time on your site.

Clearly, SEO is crucial if you are to establish a successful online presence. Consider the tips outlined above when creating your SEO campaign. Remember, SEO is dynamic – strategies that work in 2018 may not be as effective in 2019. So, consult your SEO Expert , for up to date SEO tips and techniques.