The process of finding a new location for an existing business is a daunting one. You need to make sure the new office fits within your budget, is conducive to your specific type of business and meets the needs of your employees. While you are spending countless hours searching for the perfect building, the last thing you need to worry about is how to get your furniture and supplies to the new office.

Movers must be reliable and proficient while not causing you undue mental or financial hardship. Delicate office equipment must be handled with care. You will need to ensure that your movers are up to the task of moving even the most precious equipment without causing damage or other types of loss. But how?

There is a simple, five-step plan to finding affordable office movers. Every business, from plumbing contractors to toy stores, should follow this guide to finding the best movers at the best possible price.

  1. Look for Reviews

There are far too many moving companies to consider all of them for every move you make. Narrow down your choices by looking at reviews. Social media and pages built specifically for discussing those in the service industry are a good place to start, but you should keep in mind that these reviews often highlight the negative while ignoring the positive. Instead of looking for isolated incidents, search for repeat themes. If you see the same type of issues arising, again and again, you can avoid moving companies with these red flags.

  1. Speed of Service

When you are in an office environment, time is money. You cannot afford to have needless downtime because your moving service takes longer than necessary to pack and move your supplies. Talk to various moving companies about the length of time it will take to pack equipment, load the moving trucks and replace all items into the new office space. You need professional office movers, but they should be quick as well.

  1. Ask About Insurance

Accidents happen. Even the best movers may encounter an obstacle that leads to damage. Movers should have comprehensive insurance that covers any and all types of issues that may arise. Some moving companies may expect you to cover the damage with your own insurance. You should never consider hiring a company that doesn’t protect both themselves and your office items with appropriate insurance. Along with learning about the type of insurance the moving company has, you should ask for written statements so that you can learn exactly what is covered and what is not.

  1. Storage and Junk Removal

You may find that your existing lease is over before your new lease begins. Extending your lease for even a short amount of time can significantly eat into your bottom line. Instead, look for a moving company that offers temporary storage. Some moving companies can pack your items, and then hold them in storage until your new office area comes available. Likewise, moving is an excellent time to rid your office of the extraneous junk you have been holding for far too long. Rather than hiring a separate company to manage your junk removal, look for an all-in-one office movers who will manage your move and rid your business of clutter.

  1. Seek Price Quotes

Getting a price quote from a moving company does not mean that you will have to choose them for your move. You should feel secure knowing that you are getting the best deal for the best service by receiving quotes from multiple movers. Keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the most affordable in the long run. Choose the mover that is affordable while also offering the services you need.