When was the last time you talked to yourself? Did you encourage and compliment yourself, Or was it an “I can’t believe I did that again!” conversation? Many people who are older than 50 are pretty proficient at being hard on themselves.

Humans start talking to themselves from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep. Actually, they speak to themselves at a rate of 4000 words per minute! That’s 110 times faster than speaking aloud. Since inner-speech develops at the same time children began verbally speaking, people have had a lot of opportunities to either affirm or discourage themselves. Inner self-talk is so automatic that most people are completely unaware of the things they are telling themselves. Yet it’s this inner dialogue that can help people live a healthy happy life, or contribute to unhealthy patterns and feelings of defeat.

Positive affirmations develop into positive self-talk which spurs neurogenesis in your brain creating new pathways that reinforce healthier behaviors. In addition to taking memory supplements that can help fuel your brain, you can practice self-affirmation strategies that will assist in graceful aging, as well. If you give your brain positivity in addition to working on keeping your memory healthy, it will spur you to act in positive ways. It’s time to give positivity a chance. You can become happier and healthier as you replace any negative self-talk with intentional positive affirmations.

Replace The Negative With The Positive

Make a list of all the mean things you say to yourself. Then write a statement for each negative thing that is the complete opposite. These positive statements are your new affirmations.

  • “I’m so fat” becomes “My body is strong and healthy.”
  • “I’m never going to get this weight off” becomes “It’s natural for me to maintain my goal weight.”
  • “I’m no good at names” becomes “I easily remember names and faces.”
  • “Relationships aren’t worth the pain” becomes “I’m open to love in my life.”

List The Behaviors You’d Like to See Yourself Develop

For example:

  • “I am patient.”
  • “I finish what I start.”
  • “I love people and people love me.”
  • “It’s natural for me to be healthy and active.”
  • “I crave healthy foods.”
  • “I’m wise with my spending.”
  • “I am able to focus and learn.”
  • “I am quick to adapt to new technology.”
  • “I quickly recognize toxic thinking and replace it with positive thoughts.”
  • “I am smart and resourceful—I ask for help and receive it.”

Rehearse the Positive

Once you have your list of affirmations – put them someplace you will see them often. Place them on your bathroom mirror and review them when you brush your teeth and wash your face. Put your affirmations list on your phone and set a reminder to frequently review them. Reading them frequently is good – frequently saying them aloud is even better.

Stay Encouraged

If you start working on your affirmations for a couple of days and then neglect them, Start them up again as soon as you think about it. Persevering with affirmations changes your automatic self-talk and is worth the effort. The changes you desire in your behavior will come as you continue to give your brain good information to act upon.


Practice, Practice, Practice

You didn’t become stuck in some of the areas in your life overnight – it’s going to take some time to develop new ways of thinking. But it will happen—positivity is contagious. When you have a breakthrough in one area it usually catches on in another area. It’s like your brain thrives on having positive information to act upon.

Consider where you want to be this time next year. Do you want to be telling yourself the same negative things being stuck with the same results? Or do you want to grow in positivity by replacing your negative self-talk with positive affirmations becoming a happier healthier you? Give positivity a chance—you are going to love the happier you.