5 tips for hiring the right painting services

Painting is one of the finest and quickest ways to improve the overall appeal of your home. It also helps increase the value of your property.

Although painting is thought to be a common DIY project for most people, it requires a sufficient amount of time and skill. So, it is always better to opt for professional painting services.

These painting professionals possess the necessary staff and equipment to complete a home painting project within the requisite time and budget. However, as many painting contractors in the market offer varied plans, it becomes tricky to choose the right one.

Thus, to ease your decision-making process, we will uphold 5 effective tips to help you find the right painting services.


Top 5 Tips to Hire the Right Painting Services

Here are the 5 proven tips you can use to avail of the best painting services.


  1. Chalk out a Plan

The painting industry is diverse; hence, various painters specialize in offering different services.

Thus, a detailed plan will help you understand your requirements better and choose the right painter for the project.

However, the following are certain factors you can keep in mind while framing a plan.

  • Type of painting job

Reckoned painting professionals have specific teams and tools to perform exterior and interior home painting projects.

So, hire a painter who can competently serve your purpose based on your need.

  • The number of rooms to be painted

If you want only the interior of your home to be painted, having an idea about the number of rooms can help you get better estimates from the painters.

Painting a single room in the US costs between $955 and $2890.

  • Interference with your home or work schedule

Painting takes sufficient time, but our life can’t pause.

Additionally, certain reputable companies require the homeowner or an adult to be present while their contractors are on their job.

So, you will also have to consider this factor when developing a blueprint.


  1. Research and Compare Painting Contractors

Now, it’s time to search for professional painters. So, while researching potential contractors, their experience in the industry is the first thing to look at.

However, you must also ensure that the service providers have the necessary license and insurance coverage.

The license requirements vary by state. But there are majorly two types of licenses for professional painters in the USA – Residential Painter License and Commercial Painter License.

Apart from licenses, you should also check that the painting contractor possesses sufficient insurance coverage. They should have at least general liability insurance.

However, some states like Colorado and Montana do not mandate painters to have a license but a local registration to get general liability insurance coverage. So, if you are looking for Denver painting services, check the company’s local registration and general liability insurance-related details.

Besides, check their customer reviews if you search for painting companies online. It will help you compare and understand the quality of services provided by different companies.


  1. Ask for Referrals

Personal referrals act as the best source when finding a reliable painter. This is because painting services vary.

For instance, some might provide only painting, while others can work on additional services like wallpapering, deck and fence staining, etc.

So, you can get the right one for your need by asking your family, friends, or neighbors who have recently painted their home or fence.

You can also check out the local community board, which can provide detailed information on reliable painting professionals.

  1. Interview Potential Painting Contractors

Once you have completed your research and got suitable referrals, it is time to hire the best painting contractor.

However, before doing so, interview potential contractors over the phone or in person by asking specific questions.

The following are a few parameters based on which you can frame your questions.

  • Ask them about the references for similar projects they have completed recently.
  • Enquire the brand and type of paint they’ll use.
  • Check whether employees or subcontractors will be in charge of your painting project. Generally, subcontractors work for companies that outsource the tasks to them. So, in that case, you may not get the correct estimates or quality of services and end up paying excess. However, this doesn’t happen with employees of a dedicated painting company.
  • Verify whether the paint’s price will be included in the quote they’ll provide.
  • Enquire about their expectations regarding payments.
  1. Learn About their Budgetary Allocation

Whether you are considering transitioning your entire home to a new color or modifying a room, it is essential to know how much the painting project will cost. The price may range from as low as $3500 to as high as $6500.

Please note that when painters provide you with an estimate of a job, they account for two critical factors, one being the labor expenses and the other being the prices of the materials.

Other costs may include specialty painting services, basic preparation before painting, and lead paint remediation and testing tasks.

So, make sure when you hire a professional painter, their estimates specify each expense detail.


How Does Professional Painting Services Work?

Along with the tips mentioned above, you must also know how painting contractors work to choose the right one following the correct approach.

So, the following are the tasks professional painters do step by step to complete the project effectively and on time.

  • Moving the furniture to a different space to access the areas that need to be painted.
  • Covering other elements that would not be painted like cupboards, windows, etc.
  • Preparing the surface by evening them out, scraping and sanding, and scraping away the slack paint.
  • Priming the surface.
  • Applying two coats of paint on walls and ceiling or fences and shelves as the case may be.
  • Painting the molding and trims minutely.
  • Cleaning up the excess paint with drop cloths.
  • Completing and re-checking if all designated areas of the house have been painted.


A painting job is not for everyone as it involves intensive techniques, proper knowledge, and ample time. Whether internal or external, painting a house is way more complicated than it sounds. However, it renders the best output when taken care of by professionals.

Thus, follow the 5 important tips mentioned above and choose the right painter to render your home an attractive yet durable appearance!