The longevity of your watch depends on a few factors such as the kind of watch you chose, the nature of your work and how frequently you take it for servicing.

It is surprising that even people with the most expensive watches will only take them for servicing when they totally break down.

However, just like your automobile, your watch deserves special care and knowing how frequently to take it for servicing is key to extending its longevity.

Along with that, there are various other factors that together work in ensuring your watch remains in peak condition for as long as reasonably possible.

The following are some helpful tips from watch enthusiast Rob Willis of that you should pay attention to.


Understand The Watch’s Water-resistance

First of all, it is important to understand that not all watches are built with water resistance. Also, even those that are built with this feature may lose their waterproof-ness with time. Therefore, it is important to avoid contact with water at all cost until you have determined how waterproof your watch is.

Water also has an adverse effect on leather bands so watches with such bands should be kept as far away from water as possible. A general rule when dealing with waterproofness is to keep your watch away from moisture as far as you can.


Store Your Watch In Its Box

Most of us discard our watch boxes the moment we remove the watch from it and wear it for the first time. However, this box can be of great service to you as long as it’s in perfect condition.

Whenever you are not wearing your watch, always try to keep it inside this box to avoid possible damage from scratches, excessive moisture content, etc. A safe way to store the watch inside the box is to set it on its crystals or on its side.


Avoid Too Much Exposure To Sunlight

Sunlight can adversely affect the quality and longevity of your watch. First of all, sunlight is known to escalate fading of the material your watch is made of and as you know, there is nothing you can do to bring back the flair other than buying a new watch.

It’s not like you can paint or buff the watch your watch, you know. Another way the heat from the sun can harm your watch is that it shortens its battery life. If you cannot wear long sleeve shirts, at least have some other ways of ensuring the watch is not exposed to direct heat from the sun.


Avoid Cleaning The Watch With Harmful Chemicals

It is imperative to have your watch clean at all times, but it is necessary to ensure you use only safe chemicals for that. Most watches are cleaned using water and a soft piece of clothing. At all cost, avoid getting your watch in contact with harmful chemicals like those found in normal home cleaning supplies.

Also, when applying perfume, ensure it dries off completely before wearing your watch. Perfume can potentially weaken your watch or cause it to tear.


Do Not Attempt Any Repairs On Your Own

Never try to open your watch to repair or clean it – that should be left to the watchmaker.

Opening your watch exposes it to dirt and dust that might interfere with its mechanism. Even worse, you could subject the tiny inside components to unnecessary damage.



The above tips are necessary for keeping your watch safe from damage. For enhanced care, ensure you service it every 2 -3 years if it is a mechanical watch, and 3 – 4 years if it is a quartz watch