The search feature is an incredibly handy, yet underused tool when one is trying to increase their followers count.

Use these tips to make the best use of this simple Instagram feature to achieve your dream followers count:


  1. First, make your profile search-worthy!

Before you begin to ponder upon ways to increase your followers by using the search feature, you need to take a deep, hard look at your profile to see if your it is actually worth searching for and is it compelling enough to transform your prospects into followers.

You need to reconsider every little thing that will make your profile search-friendly – your username, the hashtags, your bio, and even the location tags you put up on your posts and stories. Your username must definitely be unique but if it’s not searchable, what’s the whole point of the newness?

Creating a username that won’t pop up in any search results is of no use. So instead, pick a username with certain industry keywords combined with a unique element. This will help more users to come across your profile through the search option and will enable you with an opportunity to show that our profile is different than the others.


  1. #Hashtag #Hashtag and more #Hashtags

We are all aware of the credible history of hashtags that showcases extraordinary reach when put to use correctly. Since Instagram also enables you with a feature where you can also follow a hashtag also, the reach automatically doubles. It helps you reach people who are either interested in the matter usually shared with the given hashtag or engage with similar content.

The audience analysis will further help you gauge detailed insight into hashtags and their success. You can also visit the explore section and find more ideas that are trending in your industry (stats reveal that more than 50% accounts use it every month). Just type in a few words and phrases and surf through the top accounts and you will be amazed at the number of opportunities it will serve you with.



  1. Don’t forget to use location!

There is absolutely no reason why you must shy away from adding your location in the bio. Infact, I believe you must add the location tag to all the content you post on your feed, including stories. Many people are looking for new profiles under ‘Places’ on Instagram and your locations along with the post will make it easy for those users to come across your profile.


Also, when you add locations to your stories, your stories will most likely be featured on the location highlight stories. Most of the popular destinations have a public story that can be viewed by the people who are fond of that place.

So say suppose, you are at Paris brunching near the Eiffel, if you add the location tag while sharing your pictures from the dining – it will be added in the public story of the location and thus people who love the love tower will also be informed about your brand.

 Now each of the location on the list has a series of snaps in its story, like this one


  1. Whatever, however, never miss out on consistency!

Just like every other aspect of your life, it is also important to be consistent on Instagram if you want to be rewarded for your efforts. Trust me, if you miss out on the track very often, you will fall off the wagon very soon. So, schedule an Instagram posting timeline and post relevant content at regular intervals

Instagram’s recent algorithm highlights accounts with high engagement, which means if you manage to keep audiences engaged consistently, your chances of getting featured on the discover page, or being at the top of search results for certain keywords, increases significantly. Create click-worthy Instagram images using tools like Canva and maintain a consistency of your profile.

On top of that, it never hurts to increase your profile’s engagement as it boosts the loyalty amidst your existing followers and reduces your fear from the despicable ‘unfollow’ option. Plus, the chances of getting new IG followers are also there once they see how well you interact with your existing ones.


  1. The golden rule of Follow-for-Follow

I know that the advice sounds weird but it is a genuine tried and tested method to gain more followers. Look up for the most popular accounts that follow a similar aesthetic to yours and have a similar followers’ base. Follow these accounts and try to engage with them.

When you engage with such an account, their followers will be bound to take a look at your profile because you will most likely pop up in their Discover page or in the list of people that come under ‘because you follow so and so.’ And once they visit your profile and see a similar aesthetic but with entirely unique content, the will be compelled to follow you.

This technique is especially tricky because if you follow too many people, your followers to following ratio will decrease and that will hurt your credibility. So, make sure to follow only some of the big names.


Follow these simple tips and your profile will soon be the top search result for almost any keywords (in your industry) the user’s input while searching!