The holiday season is all about celebration, togetherness, and of course, gifts. However, deciding gifts in 2021  is not an easy task. And while you figure out gift ideas for the rest of the family and friends, we are here to help you with some gifting ideas for your weed enthusiast friends. People have started normalizing the use of cannabis in recent times, and high-tech cannabis gear like smokeable and kitchen gadgets are readily available online.  The best part about cannabis gifts is that it helps them immensely in their ‘wake and bake’ routine. From grinders to rolling trays, we have listed five unique cannabis gear that you can gift your stoner friends.

1.   Indoor cannabis grow kit

Here’s a gift that may help your cannabis enthusiast friends kickstart the year with their homegrown weed. Many stoners enjoy growing their cannabis plants, and if you know someone who does, then gift them an indoor cannabis growing kit. The kit contains all the pieces of equipment and setup required to grow marijuana. The entire setup is placed inside a grow tent that closes with a zipper. A 150 watt grow light is available on the top of the tent. Just below the light lies the hot soil and the potting mix for planting seeds. There is also an exhaust fan with five-speed controls and a carbon air filter present in the indoor cannabis growing kit. Buy Best CBD tincture and cannabis growing guide to complete the setup for your cannabis grower friend. If you new to it, check out more on CBD at


2.   Airtight Storage Jars

If you know a friend who stores their stash in ziplock pouches and baggies in the closet, gift them something that helps up their storage game. Remind them that they don’t live with their parents or college dorm rooms anymore to hide the stash in shoeboxes and closets. Gift them storage jars to preserve their precious stash. The airtight storage jars serve the purpose and look stunning as well. The weed remains fresh, thanks to the airtight seals. The airtight storage jars are available in three different sizes: a travel jar with a five ml capacity, a small size with 100 ml capacity, and a large size with 250 ml storage capacity. The containers are dishwasher safe, odor, and leak-proof as well. The ultraviolet glass material of the jar blocks light preserving the potency of the herbs stored inside.


3.   Waterpipe

Here’s a perfect gift for a novice cannabis enthusiast trying pipes for smoking. The water pipe is the best for beginners as it is easy to use, clean, and handle. The water pipe looks minimal with a glass body, ceramic glazed mouthpiece, and a stainless steel storage bowl. The glass body is detachable and dishwasher safe, so cleaning and adding water or ice isn’t a headache. The storage bowl has a platter like design with a large rim and seven holes to prevent clogging. The ergonomic mouthpiece can also accommodate the cigarette lighter when not in use, so all the smoking gear stays in one place. Moreover, the replacement parts do not burn a hole in the pocket in case of any accidents and breakage.


4.   Rolling and Serving Tray

Rolling trays not only act as the perfect surface for rolling but also come in handy if your stoner friend manages to spill the weed during the rolling process. The magnetic foldable bamboo rolling tray is the perfect fit as it has designated spots to hold all the smoking essentials in one place. A stainless steel detachable ashtray is available in the rolling tray as well. There is a designated space for a grinder, lighter, cone holders and rolled joints, rolling papers, stash, and a little wooden piece to scrape through the surface as well. The best part is that the rolling tray folds into a discreet wooden box once used. The wooden tray comes with a three-fold magnetic system and is usually made of premium quality materials, making them a durable option.


5.   Portable Grinder and Dispenser Pen

Here’s a gift idea for a stoner friend who is always on the go and requires a portable gadget for grinding, storing, and dispensing cannabis effortlessly. The portable grinder and dispenser pen can hold more than one gram of cannabis. The electric dispensing option eliminates spills and the need to touch the stash. They come with easily detachable parts for efficient cleaning. Once ground, push the power button to dispense the weed through a pointed piece effortlessly. They usually have a charger and would be the coolest and unique cannabis gadget that your cannabis enthusiast friend has ever seen. Some brands make designs to fit in the pockets easily. Overall, these devices are lightweight, portable, efficient in doing their job of grinding, storing, dispensing, and discreet.


Final Thoughts

That sums up the list of five unique cannabis new year gift ideas. Hopefully, it inspired you to get creative and think of out-of-the-box cannabis gift ideas. You can find several cannabis gadgets apart from those mentioned in the list that enhance the smoking experience. For instance, a cookbook for making cannabis edible canada, smoking pipes, pre-rolled cones, etc., would also be great cannabis gadgets to gift. If you are in a mood to spree and think that your cannabis enthusiast friend deserves it, go ahead and give them a set of 24k gold rolling papers to provide a royal marijuana experience.