5 Ways to Entertain a Toddler Outdoors

Spending time outdoors with children has multiple benefits. It is not only a stimulus for their imagination and creativity, but it also makes them healthier and helps them to create the habit of regular physical activity.

For toddlers, being in contact with nature helps them to explore the textures, colours and sounds of the outside world. That, in turn, sharpens their senses, develop their motor skills,  and creates the habit of enjoying the outdoors, which will create memories that remain throughout their lives.

Combining the vulnerability of a toddler with the unpredictability of the outdoors can be challenging. Here are five ways to entertain a toddler outdoors.


Explore open spaces

From an early age, children become little explorers. They love to investigate everything around them and to know the world: textures, aromas, colours and flavours.

Therefore, a straightforward but very stimulating game for them is to let them tour the place where they are. It can be a park, the countryside, the beach or any other open and natural space.

It is always advisable to take a stroller or pram if it’s a long walk so that you can continue even if your child gets tired of walking. Some days this can happen real quick depending on how tired they are feeling.


Have fun with the clouds

When playing outdoors, setting your eyes on the sky and seeing the clouds can become one of the most entertaining activities. You can even find shapes in the clouds and invent stories and songs that can change as they move.

You may have to pick the right day on which to do so. Children are very excited to share their thoughts and it is a stimulus for their creativity and imagination.



Children love bubbles, both seeing them floating in the air and bursting them with their hands. With just a little soap and water, you can ensure a fun time full of laughter.

The idea is to let the child have fun without the fear of getting wet. Besides, letting the bubbles explode and taking the initiative to make them yourself will be an activity that you and your child will want to repeat.

The best time of the year to play with bubbles is during the summer, where you can combine it with other games that involve water and cool off from the heat of the day.


Activities with balls

There are various types of balls that offer many variants for play with toddlers: from sports like soccer to just throwing and catching.

You can try balls of different sizes, colours and textures and see which one attracts their attention and, from there, design a game taking advantage of the characteristics of the ball.

It is always advisable to opt for soft balls such as tennis or beach balls that minimize the risk of the child getting hurt.


Paint outdoors

Place cards on the floor or taped to a wall, and using paint of various colours, either with fingers or with brushes, toddlers can create their works of art. Taking advantage of being outdoors, they can try to recreate a specific place or landscape, allowing them to develop their motor skills in a fun way.

You do not have to limit yourself to these activities.  There are endless possibilities to entertain your child outdoors, you only have to find the most suitable for them and the one they enjoy the most.