Building muscle the natural way is an incredibly smart decision. Taking any shortcuts (such as steroids, etc.) to get there is not worth it. This is because while you may make progress faster than those who go natural, you will also invite significant health risks and the results are rarely long-lived. There are many workouts you can perform to build muscle naturally.


Following are 5 workouts to build muscle naturally:


  1. Bench Press


Bench Press is a well-known muscle-building exercise. It is an upper body workout that allows you to use the most weight. It activates several muscles like forearms, triceps, shoulders, and pectorals. Chest muscles are the main muscle group this workout targets. Stabilizer muscles are also involved in the execution of the lift. This workout truly measures a person’s strength and is the best one to build upper body strength.


  1. Dead Lift


Dead Lift is another popular exercise that is responsible for building muscle mass and adding strength. Forget about getting ripped and big, unless you include this exercise in your workout routine. Dead Lifts work out about 75% of your body, including your arms, calves, legs, chest, back, and most of your abdominal muscles. By doing deadlifts, your body is forced to release great amounts of growth hormone, which as a result builds several muscles throughout your entire body.


  1. The Squat


The squat is the king when it comes to building serious mass. This workout focuses on building your leg muscles. Gluteus, hamstrings, and quadriceps are the primary muscles that you work with the squat. Some other muscles that are used during this workout are adductors, some shoulder muscles, and the lower back. It is recommended that you warm up and stretch out a little bit before doing the squat to avoid any injuries. You can also do a little jog on a treadmill to reduce the stress in your lower back.


  1. Wide Grip Chin Up


Wide Grip Chin Up primarily works the lats muscles. Apart from this, it also works your forearms, biceps, and upper back. You will need to use a chin up machine or a chin up bar for this exercise. This exercise is difficult to do and many individuals won’t be able to perform it at first and that’s okay. This is the reason assisted chin up machines and lat pulldown machines exist. They can help you build strength on your lats. It is recommended that you perform the exercise on these machines first before attempting to do a regular chin up.


  1. Swimming


As compared to many other aerobic exercises, swimming is considered the best one to enhance muscle tone and muscular strength. Swimming is a great full body workout that stresses the joints and muscles in a much different way than most resistance training. According to a study, incorporating swimming once or twice a week into your regular workout routines can really enhance your physique. It is recommended that you try ‘sprint’ style swimming workout as it is more effective when it comes to building muscle as compared to endurance long-lasting swimming.