Few office supplies have achieved the level of popularity and utility as a Post it Note. Once only used to take down notes at meetings and of course, the original use, bookmarking, post-its have found their way out of the office and have myriad applications in housekeeping, art and craft, and many other areas. So here are fifty super creative ways you can use your post it notes.

  1. To-Do List-Write down your tasks and goals for the day and stick it on your table to help you remain productive
  2. Stick post-its with reminders on your alarm clock.
  3. Bookmark- use a post-it instead of folding up that page (this was the original use of the notes by Arthur Fry)
  4. Get creative and use it to make origami.
  5. Use the whole pad of notes and make a moving picture flipbook.
  6. Make colourful name badges for an event.
  7. Clean between your keyboard keys with the sticky edge.
  8. Stick one in the kitchen and add items you need to get when you go shopping.
  9. Label your food if you are using a communal refrigerator.
  10. Use a stack of notes to make a coaster.
  11. Make a colourful calendar
  12. Use a whole lot to make wallpaper.
  13. Make flashcards when learning a new language.
  14. Scrapbooking.
  15. Motivate yourself with inspirational messages throughout the house.
  16. Label your folders to make them easy to find.
  17. Create a wedding seating chart.
  18. Take notes at a meeting.
  19. Mark power cables.
  20. Make a mural
  21. Create a personalized gift tag.
  22. Avoid missing deadlines by scribbling the due dates
  23. Use the edge of a post-it as fake tape
  24. Hold two sheets of paper together with a sticky note.
  25. Mark text in a library book.
  26. Print on the notes to make signs.
  27. Use different colour notes to make a colourful pinata for your celebration.
  28. Spruce up your outfit with sticky notes.
  29. Decorate your home during the holidays.
  30. Ge creative and make papercrafts.
  31. Make your project board more inviting.
  32. Use a red note to make a valentine’s note.
  33. Decorate your Easter hunt eggs.
  34. Leave a note with instructions for your kids.
  35. Draw a map to your destination and stick it on your steering wheel.
  36. Use the notes as part of your art collage.
  37. Prank your colleagues and family.
  38. Create doodle art.
  39. Make a background for a photoshoot.
  40. Use post-its to pimp your ride!
  41. Wrap a gift in bright-coloured notes.
  42. Mind mapping on your idea board.
  43. Decorate and make a colourful costume for your costume party.
  44. Stick ‘kick me’ signs on your friends.
  45. Label foods in your fridge with expiration dates.
  46. Blot lipstick.
  47. Make a colour-coded schedule to organize your week.
  48. Use the sticky side to keep tacks and pins in place when working on a project.
  49. Create a ledge to catch drill dust.
  50. Write down clues on them when playing games such as charades.


You can now use one of these ideas on using post it note to surprise your friends and family with something creative and colourful.