6 Creative Ways to Reward Employees in 2021

For any organization, its employees are a precious asset. They play their ultimate role in streamlining the success of your business and paving the road for enhanced business revenue. It is, therefore, crucial for you to reward your potential employees one way or the other. You are taking advantage of the talent and skills of your employees that are directly affecting the performance of your business. Acknowledgment and rewards are therefore the right of employees. Courage through incentives and appreciation does not only build up confidence in your employees but also contributes to your brand success.

Employee engagement involves the identification of the true talent of your people, recognizing their efforts, and rewarding them with the best they deserve. Here, recognition and rewards have a very strong relationship. For instance, after recognizing your employee, it is very important to present the right reward at the right time. This helps you build employee loyalty while ultimately strengthening the holistic work environment.


This article highlights five creative ways that you can employ to reward your employees in 2021. These also demonstrate employee swag ideas and the unique corporate gifts ideas for your employees.


1. Gift of Gratitude

It is very important for you to show gratitude to your employees. In a highly competitive environment where your employees are delivering their best to keep you ahead of your competitors, their struggle is real. With this much hard work, your employees seek some appreciation from the higher authorities. Just a “Thank You” help build up their courage to an extent.

Make some change in the working environment of your business. Make it more friendly and mature by giving the gift of gratitude to your employees. Other than the swag gifts, a gift of gratitude and appreciation is worth its value.


2. Outdoor Plans, Lunches, and Greetings

Take spare time out of your daily tough routines and gather your employees with some casual outdoor plans. A refreshing meal or trip is compulsory to keep your employees always engaged. Similarly, an employee would definitely feel special if you would plan some team lunches for them. After a quarter or so, give them vouchers to have food from their favorite restaurants where they could go with their friends or family.

Never forget the birthdays of your employees. Celebrate the special moments of an employee by giving them gifts and conducting a small cake cutting party for them with a nice gift card. Announce the promotions of your employees in a generic main group of your company where everyone could wish them. You can also plan some food quests at the office where employees can show their cooking skills. A reward could be given to the ones having splendid taste and cooking art.


3. Peers Recognition

Your employees spend more than half of a day in the office working with their team and the people surrounding them. The peers are definitely more aware of the amount of effort, dedication, and the work-quality of your employees. They do not only work alongside them but also have developed a strong impersonal relation. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition in your organization that recommends the co-workers and the team leaders to appreciate their team members for good work.

For incentive purposes, the company’s administration can conduct a one-on-one session with the co-workers of the employee, gather their feedback, and present them with company swag gifts.


4. Encourage Professional Development

Some employees have their ultimate focus on their learning. Learning behavior is one that gives wings to your business success. New ideas, developments, trends, and technologies can contribute to your brand image in the market. It is, therefore, crucial for you to identify the potential in your employees and do something for their professional development.

One way to do this is by giving them promotions based on their years of experience in the field and their contributions to your company. Secondly, you can over them free or discounted courses that can help them learn more in their field.


5. Entertainment and Competitions

You can also conduct some gaming competitions in the company. I bet there would be many potential gamers in your company and you can take advantage of their interests to make your working environment entertaining. Decide incentive for the winner and gist for the runners-up. Create leaderboards, certificates, and badges for your employees to drive their force, courage, and loyalty to your organization.

Conduct cricket leagues and contests within your company and different teams. Give some entertainment to your employees to refresh them from their daily routines. Make sure that when your employees do extra work due to priority, you pay them one way or the other. Give them food for the extra session they are working on or pay them for those extra hours.


6. Celebrate Work Anniversaries

Never forget the work anniversaries of your employees. Trust me they always remember their work anniversaries and would love to be get wished by the company. You can plan some good feast or treat for them to make their day special. Give them a surprise in the office with a cool present or arrange a small party at the office to appreciate them for their efforts and hard work they are giving to their company.