6 Fascinating Tips To Consider Before Buying A Wig!

Choosing a wig can be equal parts fun and exciting yet slightly difficult. Considering this, I have made an essential assortment of tips that you should consider before buying one. Let’s jump straight in!


Selecting a wig can be fun and that’s why it is always essential to do some research on the kind of styles you’re interested in. Some important factors to consider before buying a wig are the cap size, style, color and textures. You should always consider opting for style that you’re most comfortable with and if you are feeling a little adventurous you can experiment with length, textures and colors. Deciding on the cut is also very important. Choose wisely or take the help of a stylist to figure out the best look for you!

Cap Size:

Once you have decided on the style you need to work around the cap size. The cap size refers to the size of your head and is one of the most crucial parts in selecting the right wig for yourself. Cap sizes vary form

  • Child Petite
  • Petite
  • Average Petite
  • Average
  • Large

Selecting the right cap size will ensure the best fit. Although a lot of the customers use an Average Petite, it is recommended to try the wigs on before buying.

Cap Construction: 

Cap Construction is equally important as the cap size. Deciphering which cap construction works best for you can be a little tricky. If you like experimenting with your hair or prefer to wear them away from your face then you should consider buying a Lace front wig. Lace Front wigs allow more experimentation, looks natural and holds on to your head tighter than the other wigs. Now you don’t want that NYC wind to blow away your weave, do you!

Hand Tied Wigs:

Hand Tied wigs is some of the most convenient yet highly natural looking wigs available. They are made up with a small mesh like cap that holds the hand tied hair tightly and allows you to experiment while slaying an effortlessly natural and comfortable look. They offer more freedom for fun.

Hair loss:

If you are suffering from a complete hair loss than you should definitely consider styling a lace font wig. Lace front wigs usually come equipped with a synthetic non-slip poly strip that keeps the wig without compromising on comfort. One thing that I have learned from some of the fabulous drag queens is to double tape your wig to your cap for some extra strength.

Human hair Wigs or Synthetic Wigs:

Choosing between Human Hair and synthetic wigs usually only comes down to the cost. Human hair wigs are usually very expensive and require a lot of extra care, consistent washing and maintenance. On the other hand synthetic wigs are less expensive but still require maintenance. If you are eager to get a more natural look than you should definitely consider investing in a human hair. You can also get them styled from your barber or your stylist.

Carrying out some research and consulting a stylist beforehand can always come in handy. Choose wisely and don’t be afraid to have some fun!

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