House parties can be a lot of fun, especially when you have the right assortment of friends, a good playlist and exciting games to play. So if you have been wondering about some of the games that you can play at a house party, then you have landed at the right place. So without further ado let’s get into the 6 absolutely exciting games you can play at a house party!


Poker is perhaps one of the most played and known games of all time. If you are having your guy friends over for a couple of drinks and a night full of fun than you might want to endorse poker for the night! You can also play it online win money, prizes and gifts. Get yourself tipsy and have fun!

Quick Draw:

Quick draw is absolutely a fun and exciting way to channel your creative stimuli into something fun. You can play it with your friends at a house party and find out who’s the best artist amongst you all! Once you start playing you’ll be presented with a word that you have to draw and let your friends guess. You can set up prizes, gifts and money for the highest scorer.

Cards against Humanity:

I’m sure you must’ve already stumbled across this amazing card game. Cards against humanity are one of the best games to play at a house party. Draw 10 cards initially and be blown away with the amount of fun that follows. You will have to fill in the blanks to some of the craziest statements, questions and much more. It’s an exciting way to get to know your friends and have absolute fun while doing it!


Twister dates back to the times of our parents .This is the real MVP of house party games. It turns into one of the craziest games, especially when you are a little out of balance and tipsy! Twister, which comes with a mat labelled with red, blue, yellow and green icons, turns you into a human caterpillar. Not even kidding! You’ll find your friends and family in compromising positions, twisted and turned and absolutely ready for a riot!

Karaoke Night:

Karaoke nights are absolutely ravishing. Blow those wind pipes and get your inner diva out by lip syncing for your life. Put on your favorite music and sing along with your friends. There’s definitely going to be a lot of screaming, shouting and laughter!

Truth or Dare:

Truth or Dare your friends into spilling Tea and secrets. Truth or Dare can never get old. It’s an exciting way to get your friends to do obnoxiously crazy things. Dare them to do things or let them spill some secrets, only if someone would remember them in the morning after! Make sure to have fun, spill Tea and get your friends to do exciting little dares!

These games will elevate your house party and perhaps you’ll remember the night for a really long time afterwards. So what are you waiting for call your friends up and have them over for some fun and exciting games!