Unless you work alone on your projects, different stages of project management will require a certain platform to share knowledge, information, and opinions. This is where project management collaboration tools may come in handy. However, it is not that easy to find a good one. To that end, we have made up a list of 6 well-known as well as less known collaboration tools that you should definitely try.


1. GanttPRO

GanttPRO is an online Gantt chart software that can be used to manage and plan personal along with group tasks. A clear and visually appealing timeline of the Gantt diagram will show all the responsibilities, their due dates, milestones, and other important information. With GanttPRO, managers and team members can keep track of plans and follow tasks’ progress. Employees know about the state of the project at any time as well as avoid risks and also misconceptions in planning.

Noteworthy facts about GattPRO:

Apart from a powerful project management feature set, you get truly effective collaboration features in the cloud-based GanttPRO. Staff members can team up online: comment tasks, attach documents, leave summaries to tasks, export their graphs in different formats as well as share them with a public URL. With the real-time notifications, project participants will stay in the loop about all changes. You can try this project management collaboration tool for free for 14 days at ganttpro.com taking advantage of all the options devised for smooth work with resources, expenses, calendars, and many others.


2. Google Docs

This is a widely known online collaboration tool from Google that is used in projects all over the world and needs no introduction. If you have ever worked with documents online, it is 100% sure that at the very least you have come across Google Docs.

This effective collaboration tool allows developing and also modifying documents from any place as well as talking and commenting. These are awesome cooperation functions that make all word-related work a breeze.

Google Docs provides dozens of templates and add-ons. You just need to log in and that’s it. Everything else you need to do is to delight in smooth online work on files.

Noteworthy facts about Google Docs:

No lost information — every little thing is instantaneously saved online.

Wonderful web link sharing with different access levels.

Rich in features.


3. Microsoft Office 365

It looks like this set does not need an introduction either. But the reason is different: most of us deal with letters as well as words in the original offline Office suite that additionally offers Excel, PowerPoint, and other applications. Meet its updated brother for on the internet cooperation.

You can edit files online while dealing with your team members, share documents, invite other people, and set access permissions. Generally, it is very easy to keep and also work with your files in one place.

Noteworthy facts about Microsoft Office 365:

Practical on the internet collaboration.

The familiar set of applications.

4. ShareFile

In ShareFile users can collaborate in real-time and share documents while being ensured high business-level safety and encryption standards. The app allows you to access common data from any type of gadget. The feature set embraces the possibility to co-edit files, obtain real-time comments, as well as demand approvals.

ShareFile provides quite an unusual feature for data sharing. This is legally binding eSignatures.

Teams that have used this online collaboration software comment that ShareFile helped to boost efficiency, optimize time and make common work easier.

Noteworthy facts about ShareFile:

Two-factor authentication.

Industry-leading encryption.

Integration with Office 365.

Secure eSignatures.

Real-time monitoring.


5. BoardDocs

BoardDocs is an online tool that will help its users in formulating guidelines, implementing policies, initiating and conducting discussions, collecting suggestions and comments from the collaborators, as well as carrying out online meetings with pre-established agendas.

Noteworthy facts about BoardDocs:

Designed for school systems, municipalities, and also public governing bodies.

Recording and video conferencing.

Library categories.


6. Zoho

It is a multipurpose CRM, Mail, Books, and also Creator system.

The applications from this group are used for saving documents, images, as well as videos online as well as for sharing and distributing them from any place.


Noteworthy facts about Zoho:

In terms of collaboration, the software offers multiple channels of communication for its users, like forum, wiki, activity stream, feeds, and chat. Via feeds, members of the team can get notifications about important events when new assignments are created, or either proposals or announcements are made, etc. Zoho can also be considered as a platform for sharing knowledge between teammates.