6 Reasons Why Astro Maxicab is a Huge Success.


Astro Maxicab is a Singaporean firm that deals in providing the best transportation and cab services to different parts of Singapore via different types of vehicles. This cab service first started in 2014 with initially two small fleets but within these years of constant hard work and dedication that come a long way. They have established themselves in a way that now they own numerous options to choose from and you get to do it according to your own comfort and luxury. People prefer quality and efficiency above all and they get it all here. They cater the needs of both national and international clients that come to Singapore from all over the world.


  1. Customer Satisfaction:

Affordable rates and accommodation for all customers are their key concerns that have helped them achieve their place in the industry. The only requirement is that the customer who is willing to hire the service has to fill out an online form mentioning the details of the trip. That includes your name, the type of car you desire, date and time to be picked up, point of pick up and lastly the drop off point. These details help out Maxicab Singapore to function accordingly and provide the best service, ensuring customer satisfaction. Maxicab not only provides bookings for airport or local  pick and drop but they also deal in sight seeing tours, private vehicles and services to travel to Malaysia. Customer satisfaction is their main priority and they do everything in their power to achieve it.  No matter what service you are opting for whether it is the airport shuttle service or the service within the country you will never be disappointed because they only offer the best.


  1. Well Trained and Knowledgeable Staff:

Their drivers are well educated and secure. Not only this, they are efficient in punctuality and flexible in nature providing a friendly atmosphere between the driver and the customer. A lot of emphasis is given on the cleanliness and hygiene of the cabs. These Vehicles are kept clean, comfortable and hygienic. The drivers hired are highly knowledgeable of the laws of the roads and the routes of the entire city, eradicating common fears among customers. The drivers are trained to keep your personal needs in consideration at all times. Airport transfers can be tough and takes up a lot of energy so for this the company you choose needs to have a pricing structure that is not complicated and the packages are flexible. Also, a wide range of options to choose from enabling you to pick the perfect package.


  1. Affordability and Availability:

When it comes to charges and affordability, Maxicab Singapore guarantees complete flexibility by providing services that charge on both hourly basis and a daily basis enabling customers to choose their choice of payment. Maxicab Singapore is also affiliated with Changai Airport which is situated in Singapore, providing easy access of  arrivals and departure to the airport. The airport portal helps in booking Maxicab’s shuttle service which is both affordable and flexible for business travelers as well as the local people. Another most appreciative quality is the 24/7 availability of these cabs. Maxicab Singapore service runs 7 days a week for 24 hours throughout the entire year. They assure you complete availability at all times. The cabs range from 4 seated like Camry to up to 40 seated like the coach bus for large groups of people ensuring variety as well as comfort.


  1. Online Booking and Transfers:

Astro Maxicab also provides online services via their online portal where you can easily book your tickets for private tours of Singapore and sight seeing without having to wait in lines for your ticket booking. Legoland is one of the most popular sightseeing places to visit in Malaysia and Maxicab Singapore gives the people the facility to travel their with family friends at affordable prices and highly educated and trained drivers. Along with that, easy transfers to Malaysia can also be made without any hassles since Maxicab Singapore covers all the states including Kuala Lumpur and Penang. If you look at the online website of Astro Maxicab, you will notice that the site does not contain any complex information and format. The online form is simple and easy to fill. However there are certain terms and conditions which include payment and timings instructions. Minimum bookings can be made for only 3 hours and  can be done on the availability of the vehicle of your choice. Charges of waiting time are $10 to $15 for per block and stops more or less than 2Km will also be charged $10 to $115.


  1. Efficient Payment Methods:

Drivers that Maxicab Singapore hire are instructed to reach before your arrival so that you don’t get to wait for longer periods of time. Any additional charges that other cab services implement are carefully eradicated so that the repute of Astro Maxicab Singapore maintains its name in the industry. Their starting price is $50, which is the least other cab companies can charge. Both cash and credit card payments are accepted, and you can also pay through their online website which is convenient and user friendly, making it easy for the customer to pay.


  1. Complete Access to Important Locations:

The cab service Maxicab Singapore has a list of the most prioritized places of interest both in Singapore and Malaysia where customers most likely to visit. These include Universal Studios, Aquarium and Marine Life Park, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari Zoo, Chinatown, Botanic Garden, Orchard Road, The National Museum, Singapore River Cruise, Art and Science Museum and  more. There have been frequent trips to these beautiful destinations and so Astro Maxicab offers excellent trips to these places.


Final Verdict

Overall I believe the firm has made remarkable development in the field of cab service by providing both quality and quantity with zeal and zest. They have advantaged the local as well as the international people coming  into Singapore, giving a boost to both tourism industry and the country’s economy.