6 Reasons why your website needs more hits

Getting more hits on blogs, product pages, contact pages, and video content is the holy grail for any business looking to create leads, boost SEO, and improve sales. As well as making more money, however, there are a plethora of other reasons as to why more hits means a better website.

A website with high volumes of traffic is a website that will generate more responses to feedback forms, a better rapport with customers, and more instant brand recognition.



E-commerce sales in the US will jump 18% in 2020, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic, and any business looking to take advantage in this surge of online orders needs to be generating more hits. Once traffic has arrived on the home page, internal links in the form of buttons, images, and written links should direct customers towards the product or contact pages in order to further the lead quickly.

Online chats will also help with this, as customers will receive quick answers to their questions and can be navigated towards sales pages.


Become a big name

The more visitors to your site you have, the more recognizable you are and the more reputation you build. Boosting hits to your well-designed website, complete with an eye-catching logo, will work as instant digital marketing.


Develop a rapport

Through an online chat function, an in-built forum, or a customer feedback survey, getting a greater number of hits will lead to having a better rapport with your customers. Chat functions allow you to reply instantly to queries and give personable, accurate responses that are far better for building trust and securing customers than FAQ pages.


Boost SEO

Getting more views on your original and regularly uploaded blog posts is all part of having superb SEO. Boosting your SEO should be a priority, especially for sourcing custom in your local area. Your first step should be to find the right experts to help you. If your website isn’t quite up to scratch, then start looking for a web development Birmingham company that will design you a website that will help promote the brand and secure customers in your surrounding neighborhoods. A good website is critical to expanding a client base and increasing profits.


Get better feedback

As previously touched upon, you will receive more feedback from customers if you have more hits on your website. Feedback does not necessarily mean the filling out of forms or the leaving of comments – although these are often the best and most easily evaluated methods – as even the analytics of how customers click through your website is a form of feedback.

If readers do not get past the first two paragraphs of your blog, it might not be interesting or relevant enough. If visitors to your website consistently scroll past buttons, taking them to sales pages, they might not be evident or clear enough. Combining this type of analytical feedback with the feedback received from customers leaving reviews and comments is key to improving your business in the future.


Expand from your area

Improving your SEO and digital marketing to the point where you are receiving a higher number of visitors each day is the first step to being able to expand your business out of the immediate area. If customers are coming to you from further afield, it might be time to widen your business focus.