Every January, many people decide that this year they’ll attempt to become a totally new person by quitting a vice or becoming better and healthier. Come March or April, and they go back to their old habits and beat themselves up the rest of the year. Diets fail for many reasons, it’s important to identify what these reasons are so you can try to become better next time. Below are some common reasons why diets can fail. 


You’re prioritizing calories too much 

One of the common mistakes that dieters do is reduce their calorie intake drastically. The mantra everyone has been saying is that if you eat less and exercise more, than you’ll shed off all the weight. However, you need to know that not all calories are the same; you might think that one food item has a lot of calories, whereas its nutritional value is much greater. The idea of counting calories can be an annoying process, but you shouldn’t focus on the number of calories more than allowing your body to get the nutrients it needs. Always think quality over quantity, like in the Nutrisystem Diet Plan which is an affordable choice; you can always cook your own food and control your portions instead. 


Your diet is too extreme

Don’t go hungry. Cutting your calories drastically can cause a major dip in your energy levels and you’ll just end up binge-eating at the end of the day. When you don’t eat the right food and eat less, it causes your body to lose lean body weight, not fat. This is because you’ve put your body into starvation mode and it ends up storing all its fat. Losing your potential muscle mass isn’t ideal and it also slows down your metabolism even more. Don’t skip meals or fight your body’s natural signs of getting hungry. Also, try not to suppress cravings too much because you end up binge-eating as well. If you’re a sweet tooth, find healthier alternatives like dark chocolate to curb your cravings. It’s also recommended to treat yourself once in a while when you reach milestones. 


Say no to fad diets 

Who here hasn’t tried a fad diet for it only to have failed miserably? Trying these ‘crash’ diets might have fast and effective results, but once you go back to your normal eating habits, all hell breaks loose. Many people have attempted to cut out fat completely from their diet believing that all fat is bad for you. However, your body needs a certain amount of healthy fats to survive. It’s never a bad idea to go ahead and Learn how fatty acids help with weight loss at MrTrimFit.com as it is always important to know the details of what it is you’ll be doing for your body with certain foods and ingredients, because good fatty acids actually benefit your body like nuts, avocados, and fish, as well as omega-3, 6, or 7. Crash diets can have you cutting out one or two food groups from your diet. This, of course, affects your metabolism negatively and you’ll miss out on nutrients your body needs. 


You’re not mixing diet with exercise or vice versa

In order to see great results, one has to diet and exercise to be healthy and fit. When you age or when you’ve been on a diet far too long, your metabolism slows down and you don’t burn any calories. This plateau is more frequent than you think. To beat it, it’s advised that you become more active daily. Stay active by not only hitting the gym, but also become active within your day. Even when you reach your goal, these active habits will eventually stay. On the other hand, only exercising and not eating well will not show you the desired results. Studies have shown that in order to reach long-term weight loss goals, then diet and exercise must go hand in hand. Try different workouts instead of focusing on cardio for example, but incorporate strength training with it. Don’t exercise too much as well because it only makes your appetite increase as well as your calories. 


You are giving up too quickly 

It’s important to know that losing weight doesn’t happen overnight, it can take months to see the proper result you need. It’s actually unsafe for you if you lose weight fast because not only will it make you fatigued, there’s also a chance of gaining them back instantly. Do not get discouraged if you’re not losing as much as you wanted, you’ll get there. Many people become impatient and give up if they’re not seeing desired results. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your diet has failed, but maybe you’ve chosen the wrong one for you. Everyone’s body and metabolism are different and very individual; some diets may work for some people, while others won’t. Try out healthy diets and adopt eating habits that can be good for you in the long run. Follow up with a nutritionist if you can, more information can be found on Vivotion


You don’t have a plan or goal 

Staying fit and healthy requires a plan like with anything else in life. Consider it like you’re planning for your wedding or a vacation; everything needs to be planned down to the last second. Planning is key in losing weight and maintaining it. Make shopping lists with all the healthy ingredients you need, keep a recipe book for all the meals that will help you, and stock up your pantry and fridge with healthy snack variations. This helps you curb your cravings, prevents you from ordering takeout after a long day, or binge-eating after midnight; if your kitchen has healthy varieties, you won’t need to eat unhealthy food. You can also plan ahead your meals to save cooking time. There are times when we go the easy route and order fast-food because we’re too tired to cook; meal prepping can actually prevent this because healthy food is always available. Set realistic goals as well so you won’t feel like a failure. 


Being healthy is a lifestyle, not just a temporary diet, you start for a few months. More often than not, we tend to give up after one failed attempt at dieting. Don’t be discouraged and try again. Instead of crash diets, try to adopt a healthier lifestyle so you don’t fall off the wagon. Surround yourself with supportive people with similar interests to avoid social temptations. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll definitely see the results you have desired for so long.