A business is only as good as its employees, which is why so many business owners in 2020 are striving to attract top-tier professionals to their organisations. In today’s competitive world of business, desirable employees are fully aware of how in-demand they are. This is why businesses need to market themselves properly in order to attract their ultimate dream team. Failing to do so may result in your competitors stealing top talent, leaving you lagging far behind. In today’s article, we look at 6 tips for incentivising higher-quality employee hires, so read on to find out more! 

1. Employee Benefits and Perks

What differentiates a good business from a great one is how you treat your employees. You could be the most successful firm in the world, but if you don’t treat your employees with respect and dignity, you can say goodbye to attracting highly sought after top talent. This is why it is so important that as a business owner, you create a positive corporate culture that includes a wide variety of employee benefits and perks. This can be as simple as adding additional office perks such as an automatic coffee machine that employees can rely on instead of having to constantly head out to the local coffee shop. Other benefits you can include vary from medical and dental privileges to paid time off and retirement benefits or accounts. 


2.Embrace Remote Working 

Did you know that 99% of respondents to a survey conducted about remote working said that remote working is something that they would love to have incorporated into their daily work life? Remote working is the way of the future, and if you’re looking to attract top talent, it is so important that you embrace off-site working. Not only will you be offering your top talent the flexibility of working from home but you will also be able to attract talented individuals that may not even reside in your country or state. This widens the pool of talent that you have access to, creating a win-win situation for all. 

3. Gather Employee Opinions

Have you heard of websites such as Glassdoor that allow for employees to leave reviews about their job and the business organisation that they work for? Encouraging your staff to leave reviews on websites such as Glassdoor is a fantastic way to advertise your business or organisation for free. The more positive reviews you have by current or previous employees, the higher the chances of attracting top tier talent. Employees can leave feedback on issues such as corporate culture, salaries and a myriad of other factors that contribute to your organisation as a whole. 

4. Offer Referral Incentives

Have you heard of referral incentive programmes? This is a simple concept that involves existing employees referring stellar candidates to your business. This greatly reduces the chance of your existing employees feeling left out or overshadowed by new talent as they have a say in who they refer, whilst at the same time gaining incentives such as extra vacation days, a higher salary or even something as simple as a free parking spot at the office. This is a mutually beneficial setup that has worked for hundreds of companies around the world. 

5. Advertise Career Growth

No top tier employee is going to be interested in a job that keeps them in stagnation and does not offer any career growth. This is why it is incredibly important that you clearly express in your job ads and interviews that you are looking for an individual who strives for continued growth, advancement and success in their job. Chances are, higher-quality employees are looking for a job that will allow them to climb the corporate ladder, so providing them with that ladder is key if you’re looking for stellar employee hires. 

6. Utilise Social Media

Last but certain by no means least, employers should always harness the power of social media wherever possible. Instead of waiting for the talent to come to you, we highly recommend that you go to them. You can do this by scouting talented individuals on networks such as Linkedin. Joining groups and connecting with like-minded individuals in your industry is a fantastic way of scouting the right person for your organisation. LinkedIn is also a fantastic way to find someone that you are certain is qualified for the job, simply by glancing through their profile and finding out more about their experience and qualifications. 

If you are a business order who is looking to attract next-level talent to your organisation, it is so important that you incentivise for higher quality employee hires. We hope that this article has equipped you with a few handy tips and tricks on how you can attract top talent to your business.