The mining industry is a dangerous place. It is not for everyone. Training and an understanding of the different machines used in the mining industry are vital since miners are required to operate or work near machines. The mining industry has experienced significant innovation in recent times. There is a wide range of mining equipment that is available today. Each type of machine performs different mining activities. The mining equipment that is used depends on what is being mined and where the work is being conducted. From excavators to mining drills, from Vacuum Excavation to drilling, the mining industry uses different machines and techniques. If you are new to the mining industry, chances are that you want to know which types of machines are commonly used. The following are the top 6 types of machines used in the mining industry.

  1. Mining Drills

The most common type of machine that is used in the mining industry is a mining drill. It is crucial for underground mining operations. Underground mining is done when minerals or rocks are located deep underneath the ground and have to be brought to the surface. When it comes to underground specialized mining equipment, diggers, loads, and trucks are also used for excavating the minerals that are hauled to the surface with lifts. Drilling is done to free minerals from the material. Over the past few years, underground mining techniques have made significant progress. Remote-controlled machinery is powering the change. Mining drills help create holes in the ground. They ensure that the holes are large enough for miners to work underground. Mining drills create portals for miners to enter.

  1. Blasting Tools

Blasting tools are widely used in the mining industry. They help fracture materials after they have been broken down. A calculated amount of explosives are used for liberating the minerals inside the waste material. Blasting tools also remove unwanted materials that prevent mining personnel and machines from getting to an area that contains materials of interest. A particular size fraction is only achieved by drilling holes at pre-determined positions and depths on a blast face. Blasting tools help reduce material handling costs. After the blasting process is completed, excavators are used for recovering blasted rocks and debris that might have been dislodged due to the blasting. A central conveying system would allow the material to be conveyed to the surface. Blasting tools are used for both open pit mining and underground operators. However, it is one of the most hazardous machines. Good blast designs are very important for mining operations as too many explosives would cause significant damage to the rock structure which would cause unwanted caving.

  1. Earth Movers

Loose earth and soil are carried out by earthmovers. They are used in the above-ground mining for transporting the materials from one place to another. Earthmovers are very important in the mining industry because they are designed for working on huge mining and earth-moving projects. They ensure a more practical and faster process. Earthmovers are needed for transporting, pushing, and digging the earth. An operator with specialized skills is required for operating earthmovers. The mining industry would struggle without this heavy mining equipment. Earthmovers work in coordination with bulldozers. They are commonly used for removing waste or overburden material. Thus, it allows the excavators to easily remove the mineral or material of interest.

The overburden material is moved using bulldozers. It helps create a working surface for excavators and haul trucks.

  1. Crushing Equipment

The importance of crushing equipment cannot be overlooked. Crushing equipment is needed for crushing stones and rocks. It is designed to provide a high reduction rate and maximum productivity. Mining crushing equipment is used for a variety of jobs. It is configured to break down the gravel or hard rock matter to a manageable size to be conveyed or transported. Crushing equipment is a valuable piece of equipment in the mining industry. It helps reduce the cost of handling larger-sized material. Moreover, crushing equipment ensures efficient processing of materials. Haul trucks are used for transporting the run of mine material. As for underground operations, the material would be conveyed to the crusher.

  1. Underground Excavators

Drilling and blasting are one of the most hazardous aspects of mining. Holes have to be drilled and explosives need to be placed to create an opening. The risk of injury and death from flying rock is high once the explosives have detonated. This is where the use of underground excavators comes into place. They help keep miners out of harm’s way. Moreover, underground excavators also standardize the blasting process. Without underground excavators being used, the mining industry would be a lot more dangerous than it is today. Thus, it would a lot harder to work in the mining industry. Underground excavators are used for just about every underground mining operation. They help make an operation successful and feasible.

  1. Drones

Finally, drones have taken the mining industry by a storm. Both unmanned aerial vehicle systems and drones are used in the mining industry for handling the mapping, monitoring, and maintenance. Drones help set a safety record and bottom life for miners. The use of artificial intelligence and advancements in drone design has allowed miners to reach depths and heights never thought possible. It is paving the way for safer mining. Major mining companies use drones these days for ensuring that sites are clear before they begin blasting. Fumes can also be tracked using drones. Drones can fly as much as 310 foot high and 722 foot deep to detect maintenance issues. Scheduled maintenance has become a reality because of drones. It has resulted in lower operating costs and less downtime. Spares parts can also be delivered quickly to the mining site using drones. Thus, effective mining can be done.



The top 6 types of machines used in the mining industry as mentioned in this post play an important role in their way. To make sure that only the best machines are used, companies must purchase machines from a reliable company such as Eastman Technology.