There are many types of parties. Some are small in scale, while others may have hundreds in attendance. Whether it’s for a family reunion or an extravagant corporate event, there are some amazing things a party planner can do for your party.

Mechanical Bulls

Mechanical bulls aren’t just for the bar anymore. People are renting them all across the country. For example, they had one when we were at a friend’s party in California. It was so much fun I asked how he got it. He said all he did was type mechanical bull Los Angeles into Google and found them.

Whether you are looking for a source of entertainment or if you want to try something outrageous, this is an experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are SO fun! I remember when they first came out and were really expensive. Now you can find them all over town for a reasonable price. These days they have props, funny fabrics, and even silly hats.

They create such a great memory and are perfect for weddings or special events where you want to capture the moment forever.

Photo booths are also entertaining. You take your picture, and then you get a copy of it to keep or give to someone else. Your friends will love them too!


Stiltwalkers are so unique. When I was in high school, my friends rented one for the 11th-grade dance. He was dressed like an old wizard or something, and he walked around all night giving candy out. Everyone loved him.

Stilt walkers are great entertainment because they’re not limited by height like other forms of entertainment, which gives them the ability to be even more creative than everyone else! For example, there was also a stilt dancer who danced while the other stilts were walking at that dance. This added a fun element to the event.

Stiltwalkers are great entertainment for events because they make your party lively and energetic. They can be dressed up as almost anything or anyone! People of all ages will love it when they see a stilt walker at a party, especially if it’s creative.

Bubble Shows

Whether you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party or you want something unique for your wedding, bubble shows bring excitement and joy to any occasion. When I saw one at my friend’s child’s first birthday party, I was blown away by how creative the small children were. It was so fun to watch them play in the bubbles that filled the room. Bubble shows are very cheerful and lighten the mood.

Bubble shows are so much fun to watch. The bubbles can be any size, color, or shape. They don’t have to be round, although that would probably be the most common shape of all. It’s always a great idea to have bubbles at an event because kids love them, and they’re very entertaining for anyone who sees them.

Fire Entertainment

Fire entertainment changes any party from being just regular to extraordinary. When I went on vacation in Florida, this one party had fire dancers, and it was such a cool experience to see something like that in person.

I’ve seen fire dancing several times, and every single time it amazes me how intricate their moves are and how difficult it must have been to learn. Fire dancers can be seen doing things from poi to fire whips. In my opinion, the best combination ever is fire dance and pyrotechnics all in one show.

Fire entertainment is so cool because it’s not something you see every day. It’s a great source of entertainment for adults who want to have some excitement or children who are looking for some fun. Whether you’re hosting a kid’s party or an adult night out, this is a great addition to any type of party.

Pool Toys

Who doesn’t love pool toys? I remember when I was younger, we used to get them all the time on our family vacations at the beach. Even now that I’m older, they’ve become one of my favorite things to have at a party.

There are so many different pool toys to choose from these days, but my personal favorite is the inflatable slide. It’s perfect for any type of party because both children and adults can use it. Plus, it’s really big, so it takes up a lot of space and adds to the fun.

Inflatable games are perfect for any pool party. You can get them in all different shapes and sizes, but my favorite is the inflatable slide. It’s perfect for any age group, and it’s really big, so it makes a statement. Pool toys are always a great addition to any party.

Party rentals can be a great way to liven up any event, from an elementary school dance to a wedding. Whether you’re looking for stilt walkers or fireworks displays, there is something out there that will fit your needs and budget! Let our team of party rental experts help you find the perfect entertainment for your next big occasion, so you don’t have to stress about what’s going on at the last minute. Contact us today if we can answer any questions or provide any additional information as it relates to hiring professional entertainment services like those offered by Party Time Rentals.

What are your thoughts on party rentals? Do you like the idea of having something fun and unique other than your normal party supplies? I think party rentals are a great way to keep your guests entertained and make your party stand out from the rest. There are so many different types of party rentals that you can choose from, so it’s easy to find something that will fit your event perfectly. Whether you’re looking for something fun and energetic or something more relaxing, there’s definitely a rental option out there for you. Party rentals are a great way to make your event unique and memorable.

Do you have any party rental ideas that I didn’t mention? Let us know.