Summer is a highly active period. It is the time to visit beaches, relax on the patio and spend night outs around a fireplace with friends and family members. However, despite everyone looking forward to the fun and excitement that summer brings, some people dread the long warm nights that turn from fun to torture when trying to fall asleep. Trying to fall asleep in the summer without the luxury of air conditioning is a challenge for most people. However, that does not mean that you cannot save on your utility bills during summer. It is possible to remain cool and enjoy a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep in the summer.


Top ways to remain cool in the summer nights

Choose breathable bed linen: The easiest way to remain cool during summer nights is to choose breathable bed linen. Heavy bed linens are usually ideal during cold nights, but as nights get warmer, changing your linen with lighter options ensures a healthier, comfortable sleep. During summer nights, you should opt for natural fiber sheets such as cotton or linen over polyester blends. You should also keep your heavy quilt away for a knitted cotton blanket. It prefers beddings made of 100% French flax during summer nights as they can help regulate temperature.

Wear light clothes to bed: What you wear to bed can make your night comfortable or uncomfortable. In the summer, go to bed with minimal clothing, preferable light clothes that do not trap heat.

Get the best mattress: In summer, also avoid mattresses that trap heat for a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. To choose from the lots of options available in the market, you should consider comparing two or more mattresses with their specifications, the technology used and some other aspects. To make this work easy, try to read comparisons reviews form a reliable source just like Helix mattress vs. Casper to find the ideal mattress for your summer night needs. You should also avoid foam mattresses as they keep heat.

Block out the heat by day: Summer days are usually sweltering, and unless you are using an air conditioner, the heat will get into your bedroom. An affordable way to keep your nights cool is to ensure that the heat does not get into your home during the day. If your bedroom windows receive direct sunlight, keep them covered during the day with curtains to keep direct sunlight out of your bedroom.

Ensure good airflow: Without fresh air circulating in your bedroom, finding comfortable sleep will even be more difficult. Ensuring fresh air is circulating in the room helps to keep bugs at bay while providing optimum temperature for sleeping. Your preferences and budget will limit your options to keep fresh air circulating. You can invest in ceiling fans or an air conditioner, but the solution should be energy efficient and sustainable for your summer cooling needs.

Keep your windows open: After a long hot day, you are always sure that there will be a cool breeze in the evenings. You can ensure that your nights are cooled by taking advantage of the breezes. The best way to take advantage of the breeze is by fixing fly screens to your windows. With fly screens, you can open your windows without the worry of flies and mosquitoes getting into your home.

Cook outdoors: The last thing you want in a hot summer night is to add heat to your home before you go to sleep. We should do cooking outsides if it is possible. You should also avoid unnecessarily using other appliances and bulbs that can add heat to your home as it will contribute to raising your home temperatures in an already hot night.



Summer days are for everybody who likes to enjoy life to the fullest, but summer nights should also not feared. With the right information and a few tricks, falling asleep during summer nights can be seamless and straightforward. Besides the above tips, you may also find it helpful to have a cold shower before going to sleep, keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water, avoid exercising just before you go to sleep as it can cause an increase in your body temperature.