6 Web Design Trends That Are Changing the Look of Marketing

Change is inevitable, especially in the web design industry. Various trends are made every single day, and some trends are also going out-of-style every single day. The challenge for most web designers is finding the right trend for your website design and maintaining the trendy look and ambiance of the site. Keep in mind that trends will help your site to be cost-effective, fresh, and have a responsive web design.

User experience is the trend today for web designs. Most designers give importance to this feature of the page. Gone were the days of flashy and striking design to gather attention from the visitors.

Here are trends for web design that are predicted to become prominent in 2020:


Card UX design

This website suggests that the card-based design is a rising trend which focuses more on visuals. It can carry various contents ranging from images to links where users can click the card and get more information about the content of the card. It is an innovative way of designing since it reflects a minimalist appeal on the website and it looks very organized and simple, which can attract more visitors to your site.

This design needs to be feed by its visual needs because images are a better way of catching your audience’s eyes. UX designers pair this card design with a corresponding user interface that is easy to use.


Scroll, not paginate

Another rising trend today is the use of long scrolling pages instead of utilizing pages that need to go to the next page for the continuation of the article. Higher conversion rates are one of the results of long scrolling pages since the generation today want instant fulfillment with a single click. Long scrolling page is visually appealing to your visitors. It should also contain everything that your visitors might ask or need.

Stories or posts that are detailed will benefit from this kind of design because no user will need to go to the next page, everything is given to them on one page. A sticky scrolling menu reinforces this kind of design. Since the design is long scrolling, even if you go to the lowest part of the page, you would not need to scroll back on top to access the menu bar, thus, the use of the sticky scrolling menu.


Use eye-catching font face

The need to become creative is reinforced by the fast loading speeds, clearer resolutions, and various fonts and color palettes available. One way to become creative is through the use of dramatic typography on your web design. This will help you strengthen your brand image and entice your visitors.

You can be creative in choosing your typography design. Your primary consideration in picking should be the readability and legibility of the font. You do not want your readers to have a hard time grasping the design instead of enjoying it as soon as you enter the site. Increasing the font size to get the attention it needs is encouraged. Lastly, you do not want your readers to be distracted from your e-commerce website conversion goal, so you need to use a maximum of two fonts only, a wide variety of fonts will negatively affect the overall dramatic effect.



Micro-interactions are a creative engagement idea between the visitors and the page. An enhancement of the page will be seen after the user has done a specific action. An example was when you donated money to charity by clicking a button in the page, and the button will become a text box saying, ‘Thank you!’.

This kind of interaction to your audience will help them see the action they did and helps them you know more about different types of new layouts for your web design.

It is also a perfect design if your target audiences are millennials. Their need for validation characterizes this generation, and this design will give them instant gratification through a design change.


Illustrate your content

Images are a better alternative to text-heavy posts. Also, it is more enticing than reading a lengthy post. However, search engines are not able to detect images, and they rely on the metadata of the image. These are the name, caption, title texts, and alt texts. You need to optimize each image you have to give better results on your website. Adding images to your self-storage website, here are some tips:

  • It is essential to fill out the alt text description and image title tags. These tags will help the visually impaired to have a better experience with the image.
  • Name your images smartly. Change the name of your image if its file name is still the name from the camera you used to capture it. Use image names that will also help describe the image.
  • Consult with web experts because they know how to optimize your images better with right image sizes. Being able to add high-quality photos will attract search engine bots to rank you higher in search results.
  • Having images in your page is better than having none at all. You can always outsource a photographer or buy from the internet for the high-quality image to further enhance the design of your page.

Smart design

Designing is not just finding out what is the most aesthetically appealing among all of the available designs online, but basing it on your business strategy and objectives. Recent research shows that using a well-thought plan in designing web can generate more leads than the normal. Here are some elements you might want to consider helping in lead generation:

  • Showing offers for downloadable books, videos, and guides are a great idea in increasing conversion rate.
  • Smart call-to-action buttons will make sure your visitors are notified with the latest offers from your site.
  • Smart content is helping in making your website as relevant as possible to anyone who visits it.


You can measure the efficiency of your website’s design through the use of e-commerce analytics. The design of your website can make or break the first impression of your customers because they see the web design even before they can view what you offer. Keeping your interface stylish and trendy will encourage your potential customers to look through your content and the products you offer. As long as you follow these tips in mind, your site visitors are here to stay.

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