Home automation is revolutionizing our homes. A home automation system connects the audio video and home technology features to offer central control to the home owner. Control is provided by wall-mounted touch displays, handheld remotes, iPads and other smart devices. By opting for home automation, home comfort controls are simplified which allows security, temperature, window coverings and lighting to be adjusted easily with just a tap on the screen of your smart device. If you are looking for the best home automation service provider, then you should consider https://smarterhomesaustin.com as they offer the best home automation services in the region.

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This post is just for you if you are looking for custom home automation ideas to take make your home a better place. Smart home automation is the future of our homes. However, home automation is not that simple and is somewhat complicated. Building a strong foundation for the entire home can be difficult. Custom home builders should be able to help you if you decide right in the beginning you want a smart home. Even timber frame buildings are fully capable of being smart homes, with the proper implementation of the builder. An advanced system is required for providing endless possibilities to home owners. Here are the 7 best custom home automation ideas for you to get started.

  1. Smart Lighting

One of the most useful things about custom home automation is smart lighting. It is one of the most searched custom home automation example on the internet. One tap on your Smartphone will switch on or off all the lighting in your home or in a given room. Turn off lighting and electronic devices with a double-tap in the room. Whenever someone rings the doorbell, lights will flash to provide you with lighting to see who is outside. When opening the garage door, the lights would automatically switch on as the door opens. The landscape lighting would automatically switch on during sunset and switch off when the sun rises. There are options for creating a bedtime and midnight snack situation. They help ensure that you get the right amount of sleep. You can also set time to have lights automatically switched off when you leave for work or the kids head for school. If there is natural light in the room, then the lights would adjust to ensure that you do not get blinded.

  1. Motion Sensors

The motion sensors in every room will allow signals to be sent to the automation system to switch on or off all the lights in a room. When a room is vacant for an extend period of time and the lights are on, then they would automatically switch off. The motion sensors will help save electricity costs as they will automatically switch on the light only when someone is in the room and switch off in case there is no one. The motion sensing will ramp lights up by 15% to ensure that the right amount of provided.

  1. Smart Music

Custom home automation provides you with smart music options. Stream music from just about every room as there would be a dedicated keypad in every room. The distributed audio zones allow for music to be accessed. Any zone of music can be activated with a tap on the keypad. You can even set a playlist for each room. Tap on the audio zone to increase or decrease the volume.

One can even set the bathroom to automatically play music when the shower lights turn on. A touch screen can also be installed near the waterproof wall mount to control the volume and music streamed in the shower. The piano can also be linked to the music control system so as to ensure that everyone at home can listen to you or anyone else playing the piano. The smart lighting and smart music options can will be combined to create a disco scene right at your home.

  1. Entertaining Automation

Create an entertaining ambiance at home with just a tap on the screen to enable the lighting to illuminate decorative elements or the chandelier and specific lights. A chime can also be used to notify whenever guests arrive. Broadcast presentations can be incorporated throughout the entire house to entertain guests and everyone at home. The iPad will let you know when the refrigerator runs out of ice to enable production.

  1. Home Theater Automation

Remote finder helps you know where the remote it is as the remote would start beeping by tapping on the Smartphone. When the movie starts, the front and rear doors would automatically lock. The lights would dim when the movie starts. However, when you press pause, the lights would be turned on. There are options for 4K HD and other video quality options. You can even set the TV in your living room to switch to your favorite channel whenever you get home from work.

  1. Smart Security

Smart security is one of the most important custom home automation options. It allows you to automate the bedroom to show who is at the door by using smart cameras and smart TV to work in unison.  Whenever someone rings the bell, the screen would show who is at the door. The smart cameras will provide you with a view of the front yard and the entire home with just a tap on the Smartphone. View each room on your phone and switch between cameras to know who is in which room. If the front door has been left open for more than 3 minutes, it would automatically close and you will be notified.

  1. Daily Alerts

Daily alerts include a card access contact installation in the mailbox to notify you whenever mail is delivered to your home. Whenever the garage door opens or is left open, you would receive a text. You will also be notified when the dustbin is full so that you can take it out. One can also monitor the usage of AC, opening of the liquor cabinet and much more with daily alerts.