Is there a special event coming up that you want to make even more special? Or you just want to make heads turn the next time you and your friends go out? From business trips (when you can’t afford to be late) to glamming up your wedding reception, there are many occasions when hiring limousine service is a good idea. You approve? So do we.

But before dialing that phone number or clicking the HIRE button, we want you to know just what you’re in for. So, from bare necessities like a CD player and air conditioning, to gaming consoles and hot tubs, here is a list of 7 features you can get when you hire limousine service.

1.    Comfort, safety, privacy.

These may not be actual features, but this is one of the main things people expect to get when they hire limousine service. They want to be comfortable and to relax knowing they’re in good hands.

Any respectable company will make sure that their vehicles are in top shape – insured and with all the safety features installed. They will only employ well-trained, experienced drivers who will get you to your destination quickly and safely. It is very important to steer clear of amateur limousine companies, as well as those that have few reviews on the web. Instead, hire a chauffeur service with a stellar reputation and, more importantly, substantial experience.

As a bare minimum, they will provide a vehicle with air conditioning, tinted windows (to allow privacy) and perhaps even a bottle of (more or less affordable) champagne as a gift.

2.    Beverage bars

More luxurious limousines are equipped with a bar built into the vehicle. For many clients looking to have a good time, it’s a must-have. Clients can either enjoy the beverages provided by the company or they can bring their own refreshments and store them in the bar. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages – you guess which one is cheaper.

In some high-end companies, choosing a certain type of vehicle will entitle you to complimentary beverages, most often water. Other drinks can be provided by the company, however, this would mean additional expenses. They usually charge you both the price of the drinks consumed, and a service fee which is on average around $10.

3.    Music

There is little chance you could come across a limousine without a CD player, or at least a basic AM/FM radio. And whether you are preparing for a bachelorette party or finishing up that PowerPoint presentation on your way to work, some music couldn’t hurt.

Most well-equipped limousines nowadays feature high-definition surround sound speakers built into the doors and even the frame of the vehicle. Some even allow you to connect the stereo system with your phone, computer or other devices. You can make your own playlist at home and bring your music with you. On the other hand, you can always have the company provide the music if being a DJ is not your cup of tea.

Satellite radio is also an option and it has become more popular recently. Diversity of channels is an advantage here, but it could mean that the hourly rate for that vehicle goes up. But if you want to enjoy your favorite radio stations anywhere (where the signal can reach you) without commercials (wow!) you can’t be stingy.

The most enthusiastic limousine rental service providers offer their customers a special ‘karaoke’ package. You make a list of the songs you want them to include, and they provide you with microphones and even the song lyrics. These vehicles usually feature multiple LCD or plasma screen TVs so that everybody is able to see the lyrics to the song. The backing video is also displayed on the screen for a better experience.

4.    TV and Video Systems

As mentioned, many limos have multiple (at least one) screens built in for customer entertainment. They can have from one or two smaller CRT TVs, up to four LCD or plasma screen TVs. A home theatre system in a limo is not impossible, either; however, these are not very common. Most often, rented vehicles will feature DVD players. As a customer, you can ask for DVDs to be provided or you can bring your own to watch.

Another possible entertainment option are video games. Video game consoles are sometimes featured in limousines (such as the Hummer limo) and are very welcome on longer trips. This is especially true for party buses which are meant for great-distance travels and are also among the vehicles you can rent.

The consoles (you may be so lucky to find) range from the old ones, such as the Sega Genesis and the original PlayStation, to those of the newer generation – Wii U, Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The newer ones require a wireless internet connection (WiFi), which brings us to our next point.

5.    WiFi

Neither luxurious nor uncommon; however, it is included on our list because it is essential for most people today. Most limousines nowadays do feature a stable WiFi connection which binds together the features we have mentioned. You can use your phone or laptop to watch movies and listen to music on the Internet, or you can play video games while enjoying a ride home.

6.    Jacuzzi

Yes, you read that right. Lincoln Town Car has made one. Hummer made one. Now you can sit neck-deep in warm water while you’re on your way to a business meeting. Presuming that your pockets are deep as well. These limos are not the easiest to be found or rented, and they also cost a considerable amount of money. So considerable that the pricing is revealed on company’s web sites only upon request.

(If you’re still interested, here is a link to one of the web sites:

Good news is, they are becoming more common (especially in the US) and affordable as the time progresses so, who knows? Someday, we could all be soaking in bubble baths waiting for the traffic to clear up.

7.    Ambient

The thing that makes a limousine… well, a limousine. Aside from its long body, the most distinctive characteristic of any limo is it’s spruced up interior and exterior. The idea of sprawling on leather or plush seats with ambient lights (or even nothing but the sky above, if you’re in a hot tub) is what encourages people to part with their money.

Many limousines sport the so-called moon roof (or sometimes sunroof) which allows you to turn the car into something like a convertible.

(For a more detailed explanation as to the difference between them, visit:

So, there you have it. The seven features to look for when hiring limousine service. Now you can get value for your money. If you happen to come across some other, let us know. We might include them in our next article on this topic.