7 features you must look for when buying a new earbuds will make your investment valuable. This guide will guide how you can make the listening experience better, whether you are commuting or using the earbuds for exercising. Indeed, the brand of earbuds also matters, and investing in a high-quality earbud will never be apologetic.


What Are The 7 Features You Must Look For When Buying A New Earbuds?


The price of earbuds will vary from one brand to another. You will have good quality earbuds with the top-notch brands of earbuds. Only a few earbuds aren’t expensive but still offer the best sound quality and comfort.

If you need the best earbuds, then choose qualcomm because they come with long battery life. Not only that, you will have the most comfortable ear tips, and it will offer comfortable fitting. This headphone will charge quickly in one or less than one hour.

The price of superior quality earbuds will never be affordable. Do not invest in cheap earbuds because they will not last long.


The codec of the earbuds is a crucial aspect. You have to look at the SBC of the headphones for having the best sound quality.


All the comfort of an in-ear headphone depends on its ear tips. You have to choose the silicone eartips for the best comfort.

Some people prefer those earbuds which have a curved shape like apple earbuds. You will have the supreme listening experience when the earbuds are comfortable to wear.

If you are buying the apple AirPods, it doesn’t require the tips to be changed, and that’s the best part about it. The earbuds of other top-notch brands offer replaceable eartips, and you can choose the tip as per your size of ears.

The earbuds should have the most secure fitting, especially if you are buying them for exercising.

Battery Life

The battery life of earbuds is the most crucial thing to look for. For instance, the earbuds with the long battery life will be convenient to use.

You don’t need to hassle for charging the earbuds every day. Most of the good earbuds will offer a long battery life of one week.

The earbuds which come with the charging case will go on charging mode automatically when the battery is low. The earbuds should have at least long battery life of 12 to 15 hours.


The controls of the earbuds should be convenient. You will need the volume option on the earbuds in several instances. Furthermore, it is good that you choose earbuds which have the volume controls buttons and sound track changing option.

However, the cheaper quality of earbuds will not provide convenient controls if you buy the earbuds from a recognized brand, then you will have the voice controlling commands and phone calls attending option as well.

With convenient controls, you can easily skip a song without taking out the mobile phone. And the good news? You will find the earbuds with the auto-pause technology, and you don’t need to turn the music off when any call is coming.

The responsive controls of an earbud will make your purchase worth it. Sennheiser momentum TW earphones offer you best budget earbuds with the most feasible controls.

Noise Canceling

Noise canceling is another important feature to look for when you are purchasing earbuds. Most of us buy earbuds so we can use them while commuting. You have to block the external sound completely to enjoy the sound.

You will find the noise canceling earbuds with the non-blocking background noise feature. So you can turn of the noise cancelation when it is not needed. You should choose the noise canceling earbuds, so it provides the best listening experience.

Charging Case

While buying the wireless earbuds, you have to look for a charging case that is convenient to handle. You have to carry the wireless earbuds to several places, so the case should be portable.

You have to choose the robust quality of the charging case. You will have the best quality case with wireless earbuds from the top-notch brands.