7 Ideas for Your Next Trip with Your Dog

Travelling with a dog has never been easier. As more and more people adopt a dog, public spaces and hotels are adapting to this new trend. However, many people still assume that it is impossible to travel with their furry buddy. But, it could not be further from the truth. If you are thinking of travelling with your dog, you have come to the right place. This post takes a look at the top 7 ideas that will help you take a trip with your dog.

  1. Book a Pet Friendly Accommodation

One of the best ideas that will make your trip with your dog a whole lot easier is booking a pet friendly vacation rental. There are plenty of accommodations that cater to dog parents. This is why it is best that you search for such rentals. Besides, the property will have all the facilities that you could possibly need for your dog.

As the accommodation would be pet friendly, you will get to do more fun things with your dog. It does not get better than this. Some of the properties even offer free pet food and much more. Hence, there is no reason for you to look for an average accommodation. Every dog has special needs that need to be met. You have no excuse for letting your dog stay at a place where it does not even feel welcome.

With dog travel on the rise, many establishments have finally caught up with the trend. These places have dog friendly policies in place to ensure that your dog has an amazing time. Taking your dog to such hotels and restaurants can be a real treat. On the other hand, if you do cannot find a pet friendly accommodation for where you plan to stay, you can always ask the establishment if they allow dogs or not. Look up for signs to determine if the place is dog friendly or not. You can even send an email or give them a phone call to save time.

  1. Make Copies of Important Pet-Related Documents

Travelling internationally with a dog requires you to have all its records on hand. This is why it makes sense to make copies of all important pet-related documents. Whether you plan to cross border or fly to a new country, having your dog’s records with you will make the trip stress-free. The last thing you need is to explain your dog’s condition or ownership. You should also have the health documents with you to prove that your dog has been vaccinated and is healthy. Officials will require you to show these documents and might even keep the originals or ask for a copy. Every additional copy will make your trip less stressful.

  1. Use Dog Friendly Apps

Technology has made our lives a whole lot easier. It has resulted in plenty of dog friendly apps being introduced. When on the road with your dog, you can use these apps for a true adventure. Some of the most popular dog friendly apps are mentioned below.

  • All Trails: The app showcases the biggest collection of trail maps. Offering more than 50,000 trail maps, you will never run out of options when you use this app. You can even browse through reviews and photos to determine where to take your pup. Simply filter for dog friendly trails for the best time.
  • Bring Fido: Another app that you can use to navigate the world for your dog is Bring Fido. It allows you to locate nearby restaurants, attractions, and hotels. Thus, it will enable you to only visit places that welcome dogs.
  1. Take a Pet Carrier

The market for pet carriers has grown tremendously over the years. This means that you have many options to choose from. One of the best pet carriers that you can use is K9 Sport Snack. It is a dog carrier backpack which can fit dogs that weigh up to 40 lbs. With a pet carrier, you will always have your bundle of joy with you every step of the journey. Pet carriers today are affordable and quite stylish. Hence, you do not have to compromise on how you look. Choose a pet carrier that suits the spirit of the trip.

  1. Check Airline Pet Policies

Before you book the flight, you should always check the airline pet policies. This is especially true when travelling internationally. Since policies tend to change all the time, you will need to continuously check the pet policies to make sure that you are boarding the right flight. Never make the mistake of booking a flight without checking the pet policy first. You do not know whether the airline even allows pet owners to bring their pet along. You can send an email to the flight, visit their website, or give them a call to determine if pets are allowed on the flight or not.

  1. Make Dog Friends

Since dogs are social animals, they love making friends. This is why it is a good idea to befriend other dog owners. It will allow your dog to have the time of its life. Besides, you can ask the dog owners if they know about the hottest hangout spots for dog owners. Thus, you will get to truly enjoy your trip and can always ask other dog owners for tips.

  1. Pack All Essentials

Finally, keep the most important for the last, always pack all the essentials. Instead of looking for dog food at the last moment, you should bring everything along. This includes poop bags, a harness, a leash, toys, medicine, a bed, collapsible bowls, dog food, and other important items. You never know if you will find a dog shop or not. Hence, pack all the essentials when travelling.



Once you have gone over this post, you will know the secrets to having the best trip with your dog. Make sure to follow each idea to make your trip a success. Then, you can make travelling with your pup a tradition.