People who spend their nights tossing and turning around are likely to be cranky and tired all day. Their life goals seem to be losing from them for not being able to sleep as much as they need. The primary cause of this is lack of concentration. Our body cannot work nonstop without any rest. Sleep is the only way the brain gets to rest. So do not underestimate your sleep for ensuring everything goes well around you. Sleep is as vital as food and air for you. So here are some major effects that sleep deprivation causes.


What is sleep deprivation?

A condition in which a person does not get enough sleep is called sleep deprivation. There are many stages of sleep deprivation. Chronic sleep deprivation causes a severe health hazard. Daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and many more are caused by sleep deprivation.


 Sleep deprivation symptoms and effects:

To know about the effects of sleep deprivation, you have to know about sleep deprivation symptoms and their effects. Our body gives us a lot of signs. So it’s important that we notice them and take action upon them.


You feel sleepy all day:

When you cannot sleep at night, it is pretty sure that you will feel sleepy all day. You will find that you are falling asleep at any places at daytime. As your brain is not getting rest, it cannot take it anymore. Then out of tiredness, the brain suddenly sleeps for a short time. It is called micro-sleep. If you cannot sleep at night for the lack of comfort in bed, then get an adjustable bed frame. The adjustable bed frame is suitable for giving support in any sleeping position.


Your skin says won’t look good at all:

Skin is more like a mirror for the body. Your skin will not look good if you do not get enough sleep at night. Sleeping is like detoxification for our body. The body cannot function the usual way without sleep. So you will get acne, dehydrated and dull skin. If you think you do not get enough space in the bed and it is causing sleep deprivation, then get a new queen mattress size. It will let you sleep better in a spacious place.


You are sick most of the time:

Poor sleep system is a primary cause for the weak immune system. It has been proved in many types of research that people with poor sleep cannot shake off cold easily. Our immune system produces cytokines while we sleep. So do not neglect the signs and get a queen mattress size to be comfortable in sleep.



Sleep deprivation causes Poor Digestive system:

As discussed on, if you have always thought that overeating and not exercising enough is the only cause for gaining weight, then you are wrong. Sleep deprivation is the risk factor for gaining weight. Leptin and ghrelin hormones are affected if you do not sleep as per your need. Those hormones generate the feeling of hunger and contentment. So you may feel too hungry or not feel hunger at all.


Sleep deprivation affects the cardiovascular system:

Heart and blood vessels are kept healthy through sleeping habit. Sleeping also cures inflammation, blood pressure, and blood sugar. So sleeping as much needed is vital to heal and repair your body. If you do not do so, you are more likely to have these diseases.


Sleep deprivation makes us dumb:

It may sound absurd, but the truth is always harsh. Our brain constantly works throughout the time we are awake. The moment we sleep, it starts to take rest. When you are suffering from sleep deprivation, it cannot get the necessary rest. Then the brain gets confused in slightest problems coming its way. You will not be able to make decisions for your career or work. If you are a student, it will be hard to keep concentrated.


Sleep deprivation Ages the skin:

Your skin won’t look good when you do not get enough sleep. It also ages your skin. The biggest problem sleep deprivation causes for girls is that you get eye bags and dark circles. These two things are enough for giving your an ageing look. Stress hormone cortisol is released more when you are sleep deprived.  Collagen is vital for the firmness of our skin. Cortisol causes the breakdown of collagen from the skin.


Sleep deprivation makes you clumsy and forgetful:

Whether you get enough sleep at night or not, you need to get your work done anyways. You cannot neglect your responsibilities at any cost. But sleep deprivation may cause you to drop things and do not get anything done swiftly. Being forgetful is another thing that may annoy a sleep-deprived person. As your brain cannot function properly for lack of rest, it forgets even the simplest things.



A comfortable bed is more than enough for a great sleep. If you are not getting comfortable in your current bed, try to find the root of the problems that are causing your sleep deprivation. Also, ensure a healthy and nutritious diet for yourself and see a doctor if needed.  Because sleep deprivation is real and it’s dangerous to downplay it.