A good quality call recording software is important if your business is to achieve exceptional customer experience, improve service delivery and increase sales. Although you can easily monitor your employees’ performance and subsequent customer satisfaction by looking at the sales and other performance indicators, it is good to see your employees in action. Call recordings allow you to gain insight on customer engagement, scale the best practices and train your employees where there are gaps. 

What is Call Recording Software?

When activated, a call recording software makes it possible for you to record telephone conversations over a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Voice Over Network Protocol (VoIP) and stores them in digital audio format. Call recordings have over the past few years become a standard for legal protection and quality control. But the benefits are far much more for businesses. 

Reasons to Invest in a Call Recording Software for Businesses

Whether you’re a multi-corporation or you run a small business, you likely receive numerous calls on any given business day. From simple inquiries to complex sales questions, your business can offer a better experience for your customers by investing in software that records calls. Let’s explore some of the reasons you should consider using a call recording software:


  • Improved Customer Experience

The call recording software gives you access to conversations between your employees and customers. The means you can be able to track customer service needs, identify those areas that you need to improve and reward exemplary customer service reps. 

The ability to record calls also gives you control over the quality of interactions between customers and your employees. That way you know what top performers are doing right and you can share their best practices with the rest of the team.


  • Better Record-keeping

Call recording is an excellent way of keeping track of your business calls and organize your call records in a way that is flexible so you can access them anytime. The huge advantage here is that you can be sure to stay ahead of matters if you need to refer to your call records. 

That means you no longer need to rely on anecdotal evidence or patchy CRM data to forecast which deals will close this quarter. Additionally, you can refer to audio call recordings whenever you have missed important details by simply replaying the conversation. 


  • Enhanced Coaching Experience for your Team

You can use call recordings to coach your team members. Take advantage of the information you gather from the calls to enhance sales training. Pick out the awesome and not-so-awesome calls and use them as examples for your team as examples of how to or how not to troubleshoot difficult scenarios. When you approve of your team members actions by showing them examples of how they handled specific situations well, they’re more likely to maintain consistency for the customer experience. 


  • Quality Control

Voip call recording allows the quality control manager to listen to employee-customer interactions and take note of areas that employees must improve on. The quality control manager may then make recommendations for training to help the employee improve the skills that they are found to be lacking. 

Call recording also helps in quality control in that it gives you a chance to avoid making costly errors like poor discovery, mishandled objections, or poor follow-up All these can have an impact on the customer experience and hurt your bottom line. 


  • Customer Insights 

One of the biggest advantages of having call recording software within your company is to get an industry edge when it comes to customer insight. Knowing exactly what your customer is looking for is vital in providing a great service, knowing what is going wrong and right with your sales team and a firm understanding of what you need to focus on. 

By unlocking your business insights you can figure out exactly what your customers want from you and ultimately if your business and sales team are doing their job effectively.  Whether you need to improve your rep training or take your customer success efforts to the next level, you can use a call recording software to achieve these goals. Even if your team is meeting the set targets, you’ll realize that there’s always room for improvement and more reason to raise the bar high. This technology is indispensable to achieving world-class customer experience.