People are becoming more aware of their energy consumption as the summer temperatures continue to soar and more and more people spend their time in their homes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you may have noticed changes in your utility bill long before you began spending more time at home. So, what could be causing your high electric bills, and what can you do to reduce how much you’re paying in these difficult times? To help you figure out what may be at the root of your high energy bills, here are seven common reasons as to why your electricity bills are so high.

  1. You’re overpaying on electric rates.

It’s not uncommon for electricity costs to rise, especially during times like these when the demand for energy may exceed the resources available. That said, some energy companies will often charge an arm and a leg for the energy that you use while friends and family pay considerably less than you on their monthly utility bills. Unfortunately, there may be nothing you can do if you choose to continue using your current electric service as they decide what to charge.

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  1. Your air conditioning unit isn’t working as effectively as it should.

As the sweltering summer heat makes its unwelcome appearance, it is only natural to take shelter indoors where your air conditioner can help you stay cool and comfortable. The issue? The same appliance that you rely on may be the exact reason why your electricity rates are so high! This could be due to a filter that has become clogged with dust and debris, an old AC system that no longer works as well as it used to, or minor problems with the system that you may simply not notice.

If you’ve noticed that you’ve spent a considerable amount more with the increasing AC usage (even more than in the past), consider reaching out to a business that can take care of AC replacements and repairs, like Direct AC. Direct AC is dedicated to helping homeowners get the reliable, efficient, and affordable AC system that they need in order to navigate the summer heat without breaking the bank. From your free home consultation to the installation of your new cooling system, Direct AC guides you through every step of the way and serves to provide you with high-quality products and services that will get you the most out of your new air conditioner for years to come.

  1. You have old, worn-down appliances that are still in use.

Appliances wear down over time, which can result in a loss of efficiency and increased electricity usage. While this is a problem in and of itself, older appliances are often worse as they were never designed to be energy-efficient in the first place. Although it will be a bit of an upfront investment to replace your current appliances with new appliances, you will see the savings reflected in your energy bill each month.

  1. There are areas of insufficient insulation throughout your home.

Poor insulation is often one of the biggest culprits in high-energy consumption. Why? When areas around your home are poorly insulated, the air that you are pumping throughout your home is leaking out of the cracks around doors or windows, causing your AC to work for longer periods in order to cool down your environment. Make sure to check areas such as those listed above to see if there are any gaps that may be letting cool air out or hot air in. Then, reseal those areas to eliminate the problem.

  1. Certain appliances are still consuming energy even while not in use.

Many people believe that items that are plugged in are not actively consuming energy unless they are turned on. Unfortunately, this is not true, and some of your major appliances can consume a large amount of energy even when they are not in use. Unless unplugging certain items causes issues, make sure to unplug all items that are already charged or not needed at the moment. This should help you to conserve energy and decrease your overall energy bill over time.

  1. You’re using older lightbulbs to light up your home

Traditional incandescent lightbulbs use more energy. If you have a large house that uses almost all incandescent lightbulbs to keep every room lit, you can imagine just how much energy you are using on a daily basis, especially if you have a tendency to keep the lights on throughout the day. Make it a point to switch to more energy-efficient lightbulbs like LED or CFL bulbs to save more money on your electric bill.

  1. You use energy during peak hours

Peak hours are hours in which the majority of people on the energy grid are using the most electricity, such as the evening hours after everyone comes back from work. Because more people will use energy during this specific timeframe, most energy companies will charge higher rates in order to deter people from using appliances and other electric devices. If you know that you use a lot of energy during these popular hours, you can save money by choosing to run certain appliances outside of peak hours (and ask your electricity company if they provide additional incentives for making these responsible choices as well).

High electricity bills can be a major source of stress. That said, there are simple shifts that you can make in your lifestyle to decrease your monthly payments. If you are looking for reasons why your bill may be so high, take a look at the seven common problems listed above that lead to higher electric bills and what can be done to make your energy consumption habits more affordable.