The world is changing now. Time flies and trends that were previously popular are now gradually losing their demand. The new SEO trend list is updated and advanced techniques are now leading the world. Some of these will remain forever in the market while most of these will become outdated since the world of technology is constantly evolving.

In this article, we will discuss some of the factors that are decisive for 2021.


1.   Concentration on high quality content

According to Safari Digital, no matter how professionally you design your website, content is still the king of SEO. High quality content became a decisive factor for your website’s rank popularity long time ago and it still stands in the first place. The better content you make, the stronger position you’re likely to gain amongst your competitors. Your work becomes known and noticed. Apart from that, Google only supports the content which successfully meets user’s demands and needs. It will eventually put down poorly written content or something which doesn’t fall in line with user’s requirements. As the saying goes; high quality is a must have, betraying it is directly proportional to betraying your website’s rankings.

One technique which people usually use is writing short articles and optimizing them with loads of keywords and playing with them. However, this trick has become too old and ineffective. Nowadays, the quality of your content is far more important than the quantity of keywords used. A natural and easy way to boost your SEO practices is using moderate quantities of keywords.


2.   Reconsider your traffic content

We agree that huge waves of traffic are great. Having a great number of viewers at your website feels really overwhelming but do you really need that much of a following?

While we all greatly focus on the quantity of content, we often forget about the quality of it. For example, you have millions of people visiting your website on a monthly basis. If you’re running a blog and you plan to achieve more readers, you have already done that but if you want more buyers who take only 2-3% of that million, you are not even close. The remaining 96-97% will never click on the “Buy Now” button. So basically, as long as attracting readers is concerned, you have done so but when it comes to attracting buyers, there’s a totally different strategy to follow.

You should choose the right platforms for promotion depending on your target audience. Choose the right keywords to catch the immediate attention of your audience.


3.   Prove your authority: E.A.T concept

E.A.T stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. Google demands SEO practitioners to create only relevant and fresh content. If your words might hurt users in the opinion of the algorithm, Google will put your website rankings at the lowest search results. Make sure you protect your website and know what you’re writing. Unproven data can put you in great trouble in terms of website ranking. Moreover, people these days do not hesitate to write bad reviews and if they find out that something which you have written is untrue, no more people will visit your website and of course, Google will position you at the lowest of the ranking.

To avoid this, you must introduce yourself in the “About” section. This way people will know about your business and achievements. In return, this would build a bridge of trust between you and your clients.


4.   Get more into local SEO

Local SEO has been performed less this year as so many people spent their time at home due to pandemic. However, it is not the reason to give up. Despite COVID-19, Google keeps updating its algorithm regarding local search. This also demonstrates how results are shown on the SERPs, applying new methods of filtering data and setting up certain restrictions and opportunities for different types of businesses. If you are more into local SEO, you can’t ignore your local optimization anymore if you want recognition. This is relevant even now as you can always shape your business strategies according to people’s needs. Make sure you analyze your performance and learn more about your local competitors to stay in the game.


5.   Adapt your business to changed circumstances

What this lockdown has taught everyone is that you can always find new ways to extend your options. People do go online if the circumstances demand so. If you aim to stay afloat, you’ll definitely find your way. As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. For example, if you are into the food and beverages business, your delivery system may differ. You must come up with a flexible, clean and affordable delivery system because your competitors will and you surely don’t want to lose your customers. It is advisable to use this system in advance so people will become used to it and if difficult times come, they will know you have got their back!


6.   Attract your customers with great a user experience

A great user experience (UX) is also one of the most important factors SEO practitioners should take into consideration. The way people navigate, scrutinize, investigate and feel on your website has become one of the most complex factors in SEO especially since mobile usage has become really popular over the decade. The necessity to optimize your website for mobile gadgets has hit big in the market. This is a big thing for Google as well.


7.   Optimize your voice search

Voice search provides users with information at any moment. Not many but still a great chunk of population uses voice search. The best way to optimize your content for voice search is to organize it according to people’s most likely spoken words and queries. While producing your content, you should think about niches where voice search is used the most. Since voice search is prevalent in mobile devices, it should automatically be known that the mobile optimization of your website is more important than ever this time around.

All in all, time and trends are changing and therefore we should always be prepared to cope with all types of circumstances. Let’s start from SEO optimization!