Airport parking space is a crucial detail that most people tend to assume when planning for their business trip. It is easy for you to get caught in the wave of planning for the business meeting, the venue, hotel booking, planning for the meal and all the other important detail and miss on one very major one. The airport parking space. We all agree that a business trip entails so many details. It is not something that can be planned in a few hours unless circumstances call for such a rush decision. Your client or business partners may be in a place close to you and the only choice you have is meeting up with them before they leave. This is especially the case if the people you are meeting with are very busy and are very rare to get a meeting with. In this case, you will have to make a last-minute flight and meet up with them.

In cases where you plan for a well-set meeting, there are a lot of things you have to put into consideration. If you are planning on your own, pay close details least you miss to plan for the airport booking which can be devastating to find a good airport parking space at BWI airport at the last minute. As you look for BWI parking space, it is also crucial to find one at a price that fits into your budget. This will help you stick to the budget you had set and not strain you in other areas.

Before you decide on making an airport parking space booking, it is very crucial for you to understand the different types of airport parking space that are available. They are mostly two. Short and long term parking space. We expand more on these two types of parking spaces for you to understand before you settle on the one that you will make for your business trip.

Short-term parking space

This refers to parking your car at the airport parking space for only a few hours. It could be up to 3 hours but less than 24 hours. This is most convenient for you if you are going to pick someone up from the airport or drop them off. It also can work if you are planning to make a short trip and be back within a few hours. Short term parking slots are located close to the place you board the plane. Therefore you only walk a short distance to and from the plane. These type of parking space is very convenient but expensive.

Long term parking space

Refers to parking your car at the airport for a duration from 24 hours up to 7 hours. This is mostly convenient for people who intend to make a long business trip. You park your car at the airport parking space and leave it in safe hands during the duration that you will be away. Long term parking space has more standard prices as compared to short term parking space. The rates for long term parking space in an airport parking lot are also cheaper as compared to those offered by other service providers.

When choosing a company that offers parking space services, it is important to understand and distinguish between the two types. Depending on the type of business trip that you will be making, choose the type of parking space that will work for you. If you are making a business trip of up to 5 days, settle for long term parking space. This is because short term parking is expensive. If you settle for that for a 5-day trip, the price will be too hefty for you. Be keen when choosing the type of parking space whether short or long term parking.


 Below are tips for finding the best airport parking space for your business trip.

  1. Early Planning.

Just like any other event, business trips consist of a lot of details. When taken lightly, it is easy for you to miss out on most details or simply assume them. For your business trip to be successful, you need to pay close attention to each and every tiny detail. This allows you to give a keen interest in each of them and not miss out on any. Plan early for your trip. Early planning allows you to put into consideration all details and give each the required attention. Through this, you avoid the last-minute rush where you settle for any service provider. This will give you ample time to search through several choices and compare them and allow you to settle for the best choice that works well for you.

  1. Research

Different service providers offer airport parking space for clients. Given the array of choices you have to choose from, it is quite easy for you to settle for any provider that you stumble across first. This is not advisable. Especially if you are looking for long term airport parking space. You need to do a lot of research on the service provider you want to settle for. It’s only by carrying out research that you can be able to identify if a service provider is legit or not. You are also able to know the quality of services that they offer. Do they meet your requirements or do you seek more in terms of quality? When you research a certain service provider and figure out that the services they offer meet the quality that you are looking for, you can settle for them.

Through research, you are also able to know if the cost they offer their services at is high or is standard. And if you can find another service provider that offers better quality services at more standard prices. It’s only through research that you can be able to compare different service providers, their prices and services they offer. After this, you can make a candid decision on the one to settle for.

  1. Ask Around

It is easy for us to trust and bank on what our colleagues and friends tell us. Ask around from your friends who have used such services when going on business trips. Consult on the service provider they used. How were the services rendered? What was the quality of the services they received? Were they treated well? What was the condition of their automobile when they picked it up? Was it in good condition or was it tempered with? Would they use the same service provider again? How are their prices? Is it standard or high? And lastly, would they recommend that service provider to anyone? These questions will enable you to get the real picture of the service provider and the type of services they provide to their clients. It is also key to note that the prices that would seem standard to you would happen to be high for someone else. Because this is your colleague or friend, probe deeper to get the figures. It is easy for your colleague to be brutally honest with you. If the service provider rendered to them the best services, it is easy for them to praise them and even recommend them to you. If they did not receive value for their money, they will also let you know and discourage you from even using that service provider. Gauge and make a decision based on what you want and the information you acquire.

  1. Visit their website

Each service provider offering airport parking space has a website. A website is crucial for each business. It makes it easy for people looking for the services you are offering to reach you. Also, the clients you have worked with are able to give feedback on the services they received from you. If the clients received good services, they will leave positive remarks on your review page. If a client was not satisfied with the services they got from you, they will leave negative remarks. A page that has high ratings is a sign that the clients are happy with the services they get. If the page has low ratings, it means that most people rate it lowly and leave negative remarks. You should be keen on the service provider you settle for. Go for one with positive remarks and a high rating. You want to settle for a service provider with exemplary services. To get the surety that your automobile will be safe when you get back from your business trip.

There is a whole ton of information that you can access a company’s website. Dig in and get as much information as you can. You can also access their customer care number. Give them a call and enquire on any clarifications you need to be made. On this, don’t settle for one company. Have a few that you can compare. Then pick the one that suits you best.

  1. Make a personal visit

For anyone who has ever been duped, they know the importance of making a personal visit before making any payments. Not all companies are fakes. However, it is important for you to confirm that all the information they have given on their site is true and not exaggerated. Making a personal visit gives you the chance to meet them before the actual day you fly out. By the way, they receive you when you visit them, you can be able to judge the quality of their services. If you are received warmly, you can tell that they are keen on their clients. If they don’t even take note when you enter their premises or keep you waiting for long, you can also tell that their services are not the best. Also, when you are on their premises, you can visit their parking lot.  Walk around and look at how the cars in the parking lot are being handled. Have they been neglected? Do they have 24 hour CCTV surveillance?

A good airport parking space should have a surveillance camera. This is crucial and you should not settle for one without. If not make sure they have a guard who keeps an eye on the cars and everything going on at the parking lot. A surveillance camera is very important since in case anything is happening in the parking lot, it is recorded and you can always refer back to it. You are assured that your car is in safe hands and you will find it in good condition. During your visit, ask as many questions as you can to clear any doubt that you could be having. If their services satisfy you, make a booking with them. Also, probe questions about the prices they have set and if there are any other charges apart from the ones they have indicated on their website or flyers. In case you feel that you can access better prices, make another visit to another company where you feel that they meet the services you are looking for.

  1. Check for parking space in the airport

In most scenarios, the parking space offered in the airport vicinity is usually cheaper as compared to that offered by other service providers. The good thing is that it is not only safe but is also a short distance to where you will be boarding your plane. As you plan for a business trip, it is advisable to start considering airport parking space and book a slot in advance. This is because it is hard for you to get a slot during the last minute. Mostly because many people are competing for the available slots. If you want to have a slot in the airport parking space, make sure you book days before your set date of travel. With the high number of people who are eyeing the same slots, it is hard for you to be assured you will get a spot unless you have booked one in advance. The good thing is that you can check for the available parking slots and book one online. Some airports also offer valet services in case the slot is far from the plane. They can drop you off at a walking distance to the plane and park the car for you at the slot you had booked. On arriving from your business trip, they deliver your car for you. Reducing the hassle of you walking all the way to where your car was parked.

  1. Use comparison sites

Most people are searching for airport parking spaces. The need to get the best deals when it comes to airport parking space has contributed to the rise of comparison sites. These sites help you track the airport service providers near you. Using your GPS address, they track your location and generate the service providers that are situated close to your premises. They give you the details in terms of the prices they charge. They enable you to compare the companies near you and their prices. From this, you can be able to see the rates they offer and settle for one whose rates fit your budget. There are many different comparison sites that you can use to access this information. Once you spot a service provider that fits your bill, you can give them a call. Enquire about their services, charges, what they require from their clients. You can also ask if they have any offers or any ongoing discounts. It could be that the company has offers for its clients that you can benefit from. If you feel that the services offered by that specific company are okay, you can make a parking slot reservation with them. Technology has made things easier and you can do the bookings online.

Airport parking space is an important detail that you should not overlook. Put it into consideration and make prior plans and arrangements before you make your travel. Having your parking space booked in time allows you to choose the best service provider you can come across and to also get the best deals. Some service providers offer discounts to clients who book parking slots with them in time. You are also assured that you chose the best service provider to entrust your automobile with. Apart from that, you avoid making last-minute rush decisions and make clear decisions on all details about your business trip. When your parking space details with BWI parking are sorted out, you are able to enjoy your trip and give the business meeting your best shot as you depart from BWI airport. You have no worries and your mind is clear of any disturbances and doubts.

It is very important for you to put into consideration the budget you had set for the airport parking space. This enables you to constrict yourself and not get carried away by any offers. You can narrow down your choices of service providers and settle for one that is within the budget you had set for this. Use the above-mentioned tips to secure yourself the best airport parking space and at the best rates for your business trip. You can never go wrong with the tips given when it comes to getting the best services.