Is your child having difficulty falling asleep?

You must be wondering about what’s making her so uncomfortable.

Is it because of her diet, bed, environment or maybe it is because of her clothes?

Does she sleep in her regular clothes or you have assigned a proper night suit?

For a good night’s sleep, you must wear proper comfortable clothes.

Now you must be thinking about how to select the best sleepwear for your girl.

Don’t worry! I will give you all the answers.

In this article, I will tell you seven things to look for when buying silk pajamas for your girl.

Let’s find out.

What are Pajamas?

Pajamas, also known as PJs or jammies are one-piece or two-piece garments that consist of a loose shirt and loosely fitting pants of various widths and lengths. They are soft and comfortable to wear. The material from which the pajamas are made can be cotton, silk, flannel, or synthetic material. Pajamas are usually worn as nightwear with no slippers or shoes and without underwear.

The word “pajama” is derived from the Hindi word ‘pae-jamah’. Pae-jamah were loose pants that were tied at the waist. During the British colonial system, the comfy trousers (pae-jamah) were admired by Britishers and soon became the outfit to be worn to go to sleep.

Why Silk Pajamas?

  • Weight: Flannel and cotton material is heavier and courser as compared to Silk. Silk is lightweight and feels soft and smooth on your skin.
  • Skincare: Silk acts as body temperature regulator and retains skin’s natural moisture so your body remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also helps in blood circulation.
  • Hypoallergenic: Silk has natural antibacterial properties so it fights off germs on the skin too.
  • Breathable: Silk is non-absorbent and it keeps the moisture and natural oils on the skin. So, if during sleep you feel hot, silk cloth will quickly release sweat and heat from your body and will cool you down.

7 Things to Look for Selecting Silk Pajama

1.   Comfort

When you lie down on bed at night, you don’t want to wear something that is not comfortable, be it popping buttons, hard collars, or tight elastic. So, whenever you choose pajamas, buy something that does not have large buttons that hurt you. Even choose a pajama that has drawstrings rather than tight elastic.

2.   Fabric

PJs are made of different fabric and even some are made of mixed varieties. Cotton is lightweight and breathable fabric but it does not insulate heat well and it can lower your body temperature during colder weather. If you choose flannel material, it is good for colder season but it is made of heavy material so you will feel hot if you wear it in warmer season. Therefore, the best option is silk. The best thing about silk is that it is made of natural fiber. Silk balances the body temperature in both cool and warm climates. It gives a soft and smooth feeling to your skin and the satiny material glides on your skin and gives off a luxurious element in your sleepwear. Silk is the fabric for your girl’s PJ sets.

3.   Fit

When you buy clothes for your children, always buy one size bigger as children outgrow them very quickly. Especially if you are buying online, take time to view the size chart and make sure you’ve checked the measurements before purchasing. Best thing about silk pajamas is that they fall snugly on the body and can fit any silhouette.

4.   Sleepwear style

Being a girl, your child needs something stylish to wear even when going to sleep. There are so many fashionable prints and patterns available online and in stores. You can choose solid-toned pajama sets to give a classy look. Or buy some bright colored or pink color PJS with patterns in fun geometric shapes for a youthful look.

5.   Longevity

You know children even play before going to sleep, they will jump over their beds. So, there are chances that their PJs will be torn. So, invest in pajamas that will stay with you for a long time. Also, choose style that does not get old quickly. To look at the quality of pajamas, it is advised to look at the fabric and how it is sewn; especially the seams and ends where the thread usually frays. It is better to choose a handmade pajama set as it is given more attention than the mass-produced pieces and each garment is carefully checked to perfection.

6.   Usability

Kids get bored easily with clothes. So instead of buying pajama sets, you can buy separate tops and bottoms or mix and match it with other sleepwear. Your girl can even wear those pajamas on weekend and slay it with style. And how can we forget the PJs party that girls do these days. So, those stylish PJs can be worn in the pajama party over a friend’s house.

7.   Care

Silk and satin are delicate materials that cannot be machine washed regularly. And there is no avoiding it, but your pajamas will need regular washing, and you want it to be as easy-breezy as possible. So, buy high-quality PJs that can be machine-washed easily.

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