If you feel happy with your hubby’s or partner’s arms around your belly with his hands forming a done-to-death heart over your belly button, you’re certainly behind times. Not that this typical pic is in any way wrong, but it’s too commonplace. What you need is something more creative.

The ideal time for maternity photography is between the seventh and ninth month of pregnancy when your belly is usually much rounder in shape. We give below certain tips that can make your maternity album stand apart from the ordinary stuff. Here’s what you should cater to.

#1 Location 

Home is the place where you feel most comfortable since you can get great shots as a couple in all kinds of positions. Though indoors is generally the preferred choice for maternity photography due to privacy issues, outdoors can also be great. The countryside, with its greenery and enchanting landscapes, offers an excellent setting to get photographed in. The beauty of your bloated self in the lap of nature or standing silhouetted against the setting sun is something you’ll love.

#2 Posing

If you’ve seen someone else’s maternity photographs in a magazine or album and want to pose like her, think again since pregnant bodies swell differently. If your body is different from that in the photos you covet, those poses may not work for you. Maternity photography entails accentuating the belly using hands or even a belt or turning at an angle for that perfect shot, which is belly-specific. Some poses may be quite uncomfortable and not suited for your body. So, choose comfortable poses to get clicked in.

#3 Posing with loved ones

Of course, you have the option of posing with your loved ones – your husband, partner, older children, family members, or friends. For example, you can make your husband or partner touch or embrace your belly with his hands. You can allow this interaction to flow and capture the moments of laughing and enjoying. Kissing and holding hands also make for good pics. An older child photographed kissing the belly or having an ear to the belly is also cute.

#4 Angles

Getting clicked from all angles while sitting or standing is generally the done thing. Some angles provide more depth and warmth to the photograph, such as posing at a 45-degree angle from the camera. This angle focuses more on the bump’s silhouette, especially if it’s small. Another great way of highlighting the bloated belly is to gain height by standing on a stool or a platform. Also, shooting from above, while lying on a quilt or blanket, is another unique way, since it minimizes other body parts that may’ve swelled during pregnancy.

#5 Clothes for the shoot

What you wear for the shoot is important, since the right clothes enhance maternity photographs. The best option to wear a revealing dress that shows your bare belly. The right angle and lighting will accentuate your belly for those perfect shots. If you don’t want to bare your belly, you can highlight it by wearing a tight dress that sticks to your body. Using heels to make the belly stand out, is a strict no-no since feet swell pretty quickly during pregnancy.

#6 Using baby items

If you know the gender of the baby, you can get clicked holding tiny baby shoes, mittens, or other accessories at belly level or even a teddy bear in front of the belly. You can also get photographed with letters or the name placed on the belly or placed to the side of the belly. Adorning your bloated belly with a necklace of beads or other items on it is another practical option.

#7 Keep it natural

Whatever you do, keep it natural. For example, don’t tilt your head while looking down at your belly at such an angle that it looks unnatural and creates a double chin. Give a variety of natural expressions to make the shots depict the real you. Your expressions can range from laughter to more intense.


Maternity photography is a great way to preserve fond memories of this beautiful phase of life. If you adhere to these tips and experiment with your poses and wardrobe, you’re sure to come up with some of the best shots to make your maternity album memorable.